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    post your grado mods....

    They sound great and the wood seems easy to finish, especially with such a small project.
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    iTunes match will upgrade your songs, but not automatically. It has to match them first. My library of about 25,000 yield about 90% songs matched. The unmatched songs are instead uploaded from your machine to the cloud. The matching software isn't perfect so there will be songs you know are...
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    Is dust/hairs/fibers a problem?

    Most IEMs have filters on the nozzles and more than likely on the ports, if they have them. So no worries really. 
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    So...Why did He have to Use Beats as His Visual Example?

    That slap chop is probably the biggest peice of crap ever made. So maybe he has a point about the headphones.....    Dear God what have we become?
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    Looking for the absolute best bass EXTENSION of a can (sub $500 ish)

    I think the experience you're looking for is best left to a subwoofer. It's not bass extenson you're after, pretty much any decent headphone (especially a closed set) is going to reproduce 20 hz. Just run a low frequency sweep through them and you'll see. What you want is visceral impact which...
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    Petition for a "Video Games Lounge" subforum. - IT'S LIVE

    Yay. The battlefield series alone is reason to have this subforum. Insanely rich sound effects!
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    Just thought I would share a great little program with you guys

    Thanks for the link. My eyes feel better already!
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    Are We At The End Of The Line For IEM SQ Improvements?

    I think in the future IEMs will also function as hearing aids. Imagine an IEM that automatically adjusts its sound signature to make up for notches and imbalance. Or maybe they will bypass our ears completely and send signals directly to our brains.
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    Hearing new details in new headphones is a myth

    Quote: LOL apparently I'm on crack and hearing instruments that never even existed. Guess I should pick a band I know more about over one I casually listen to!  
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    What gift for gf?

    From my experience the best gifts are the ones that you put the most effort into. I tend to avoid buying my wife gifts and look to create something for her instead. I'm particularily good at writing poetry so that's been a good avenue. For our anniversary I'm working on a piece of art. In the...
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    Hearing new details in new headphones is a myth

      Quote: I didn't say that the details aren't audible on cheaper phones. I said they may be inaudible and that I want to A/B different sets. My experience was subjective, as I only believed I heard new details on good phones and didn't confirm it by referencing cheap phones.  ...
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    Hearing new details in new headphones is a myth

    Quote:  I'm pretty sure that frequency response is based on wearing them normally, which is loosely craddled in the ear. When you push them in it changes the perceived frequency response. Monsters may be an exaggeration but the effect is indeed night and day difference.
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    Hearing new details in new headphones is a myth

    I'm intrigued by this discussion. I definitely get what the OP is getting at. Maybe it's improper wording for the most part to say that you can "hear" new details. It may just be that the higher end headphones are presenting them better so you actually notice them without straining to hear them...
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    fried perderders

    Is it just me or do Kettle Cooked sound more hi-fi when you crunch them than standard chips?