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    IEM upgrade help!!!

    BA vs dynamic just depends on how well it's implemented, one is not "better" per se than others. They both have their strengths and drawbacks. I'd ask in the e40 threads for advice :).
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    Help me to buy a headphone amp (Want one that sounds warm)

    Unfortunately, due to the strange requirements of tubes, it's often quite costly to design a tube amp with good performance... if you want tubes on a budget, a hybrid like those from Bravo, Garage1217, or Schiit would be a good bet. I'm not familiar with the one linked.
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    Help me to buy a headphone amp (Want one that sounds warm)

    Are you looking for a portable amp or desktop? Some amps are a bit more warm than others, but usually not by much. Some tube amps can really warm up the sound but they're usually for the desktop. IMO your best bet is to keep using DSP / plugins (EQ), or try new headphones or pads.
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    Which is better at low listening volumes: Chord Mojo or iFi Micro iDSD Black Label?

    What do consider relatively low volumes? That probably would only be a problem with much more sensitive headphones than the HD600. Maybe see if you can audition anything first?
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    What is the most effective solution and highest NRR item to block out 'sharp' sounds, in 2017?

    Bose has some of the best IP on impulse responses and cancelling them, Sennheiser has been doing well lately as well though. What's your budget?
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    Headphone suggestions please and thanks!

    There's not too many semi-open headphones in that price range, so you might want to consider using closed headphones. The AKG K553 can often be found for around $120 and has a very very good soundstage despite being closed, and is easy to drive. Impedance isn't the whole story, there's also...
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    Having trouble starting a new thread.

    You can't start new threads in other areas of the forums until you've been around for a while... you should've gotten a welcome email that explains everything :).
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    First post

    Welcome to Head-Fi! Sorry about your wallet :P. What headphones do you have?
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    Should the HD 800 factory cable be replaced?

    XLR vs SE generally shouldn't make a difference on comparable well designed amps, unless you're going over long cable lengths.
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    Looking for DAC advice (sub 1000) for my set up

    To be fair though, battery power supplies are much cleaner than the average wall-powered and converted/filtered supply, so take that into consideration :). Batteries supply the DC you want natively, whereas most desktop gear has to convert AC to DC (though I think Schiit does a good job here, as...
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    Looking for DAC advice (sub 1000) for my set up

    My brother owns the Cayin C5 and honestly I like it so much (and I've heard a good bit of gear) that I'd probably never consider spending more on a portable amp. If the rest of the Cayin lineup is anywhere near the C5, I'd give them the thumbs up!
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    Audio-gd NFB-28 The Master 11 also uses an R2R chip and is their current latest DAC/amp combo. If you just want an R2R DAC, I'd look at the DAC-19.
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    Looking for DAC advice (sub 1000) for my set up

    NOS means Non-Over-Sampling. That's kinda a complicated topic, and I'm a little tired sooooo :P. Some people find it more natural, buuuut from a technical point of view they're probably inferior. Probably. It's worth looking up if you have time.
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    Looking for DAC advice (sub 1000) for my set up

    The Yulong I've heard good things about but I wouldn't pay for a balanced DAC for a SE amp.
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    Looking to improve Chain for sort of High end setup for PC Gaming (Ether Flow)

    Balanced operation personally I don't think generally is needed for headphones since you're using short cable runs. I own a balanced DAC/amp (NFB-28), but only because at the time I bought it I had planned to add studio monitors where the balanced operation makes more sense. The Vahalla 2 is...