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    [SOLD] FS: Woo Audio WA11 Topaz w/ extras

    For your consideration, Like-New lighty-used Woo Audio WA11 Topaz Amplifier with extras. First owner. Purchased in June. Under warranty. I can give the purchaser the receipt. Package includes: WA11 Topaz amplifier/DAC x 1 Soft Alcantara carrying pouch x 1 USB type-C to A cable (USB 2.0...
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    FOUND: Abyss Diana V2

    PM sent!
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    Sold!ABYSS Diana Phi w/ two stock cables (6.5 mm and 2.5 mm balanced) - like new!

    Review Bump! "Overall, the Abyss Diana Phi has a nice thick, harmonically complex sound, particularly in its midrange, with a lot of tight detail in the highs and lows. It has both a sense of warmth and detail, with a little bit of a sense of moderation in the highs level-wise. Its soundstage...
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    Sold!ABYSS Diana Phi w/ two stock cables (6.5 mm and 2.5 mm balanced) - like new!

    It's true. I probably need to switch around equipment which is why I think I prefer the V2. I'll probably circle back around to the Diana Phi's at a later date once I've cycled through some different setups.
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    [WTB/WTT] ABYSS Diana V2 (FOUND!)

    Well, that was fast. Thanks @kdphan!
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    [WTB/WTT] ABYSS Diana V2 (FOUND!)

    Looking to buy or trade for a Diana V2. I have a Diana Phi right now. I'd be willing to trade it for a V2 + some cash. I'm looking for something a bit more laid back than the Diana Phi offers, and I love the form factors of the ABYSS Diana's.
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    SOLD: Abyss Diana Phi

    Really good price. GLWS.
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    Right. I see your problem. Go to this link: Download the first APK file V2.24.0, not XAPK AK25 doesn't accept XAPK files.
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    Where are you getting it from? Please post the link.