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    Klipsch Reference RB-25 bookshelf speakers

    I'm still occasionally receiving PM's about these... Just to be clear, they were sold back in 2013. Thanks for your interest though!
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    Aviation-Fi: Calling all pilots

    Quote: I fly usually out of Henderson Executive, but I have operated out of North Las Vegas quite a bit.   Oshkosh must have been quite an experience! I'm trying to set it up for next year or maybe the year following to go and camp under the wings on the field. Aviation Mecca... :-)
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    Aviation-Fi: Calling all pilots

    Got my commercial a while back, and have my checkride scheduled for Monday morning to get my Certified Flight Instructor certificate.   Hey Buff, did you get your Private yet? Anyone else a pilot or aviator (gliders, balloons, airships, helicopters...)??
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    What's Good in Las Vegas?

    Have lunch or dinner at Korean Gardens BBQ at Spring Mountain & Arville... The Galbee is excelent! :-)
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    Your ideal quick and easy breakfast of choice

    1 Banana Handful of frozen strawberries Handful of frozen cherries Handful of frozen blueberries 1 scoop protein powder top off with apple juice   Blend, pour, drink. Yum.
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    Need a budget film SLR

    Craigslist is your friend. I've seen MANY BEAUTIFUL and high end camera go for pennies! Just a couple weeks ago there was a canon EOS-1 for $100!
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    I got a new job

    LOL I hear ya man! Between my wife and I we have about $100,000 a year in school fees, and not much in the way of income. I'm doing a temp job now and that makes it possible to pay the bills for a while. Big relief! Good luck man!
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    Petition: I would like the old site back (or other choice)

    I for one like the new design. It's modern and fresh, and I have no problem spending a few days getting used to new positions of buttons, and such. I do this any time ANY of the websites I frequent gets updated. Usually updates like this are for the best, and I feel the same way in this...
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    Aviation-Fi: Calling all pilots

    Quote: Originally Posted by 3602 Crashed my hang-glider after 10 seconds. Ouch! Did you get back up and continue? Or walk away at that point? Flying certainly is not without risk, but that risk can be greatly reduced with training, and practice. I've often thought of trying...
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    Aviation-Fi: Calling all pilots

    Maybe I can get more people interested in flying if I tell them it's an activity that requires you to wear head(set)phones while you do it...
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    Aviation-Fi: Calling all pilots

    Excellent! I remember my first solo. It was an amazing experience to say the least. Get back to the airport and do a little more ground and you should be up in the air in no time! Trust me, it's worth it! Where's all the other pilots? One expensive hobby begets another right?
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    Aviation-Fi: Calling all pilots

    Anyone else on Head-Fi a pilot? GA or Pro? I'm currently an Instrument rated Private Pilot with High Performance, Complex, and as of yesterday Taildragger endorsements! And I'm just about ready for my commercial check-ride. Middle of next week should do it. :-) What do you guys fly? How...