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    By-passing shipping overcharge (from UK)?

    So I'm getting the feeling I'll be paying that shipping cost after all... Oh well, I guess it's the price to pay to get a nice watch.
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    Your top ten of 05?

    Yeah I guess it's just a "state of mind", the indie state of mind that is. It took me a while before understanding just "how" I could actually appreciate his vocals. Like, if you only listen to "normal" singing all the time and go straight to CYHSY, you'll most likely be like "Hey, why didn't...
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    Your top ten of 05?

    Oh, and just for heck's sake... Here's my list (Which will soon be listened to with my new E4's!) (No particular order though, I can't stand competition hehe.) Sufjan Stevens - Illinois (Just awesome in every way.) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Dirty singing, awesome...
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    What are you favorite video game of all time?

    Zelda: A Link To The Past -> That's got the be the best game I have ever played. The one that I grew up with too Music is just awesome, graphics, storyline, everything! Final Fantasy 7 -> The _other_ one that really impressed me.. and made me stay indoor for a whole summer (I was young, I...
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    Post your pet's picture

    Quote: Originally Posted by Thaddy Here's Buttons taking a nap under my Mom's little Christmas tree: That's gotta be a Bichon Frise! Is it? Here's my little dog.. he's old now, but still stylish!
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    What happened to the Shure E4 group buy thread?

    Quote: Originally Posted by socrates63 I dunno... last I checked (about a week ago), the group buy probably wasn't going to deliver much better than $180 (if even that) while Headroom already has a presale for $200. I initially signed up for the group buy but opted out recently. I rather...
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#3?]

    Earlimart - All They Ever Do Is Talk Love that band
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    e4c- may 16th

    The only thing though is that offers free shipping only in the US. I'm in Canada, and their shipping costs $30 and I'm sure that when the package arrives at my door, the delivery guy will be asking for $100 in brokerage fee or such crap. Now if only a Head-Fi'er would be...
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    New Google Maps - FREAK OUT.

    Erhm .. How do you get those satellite views? I'm only able to see the maps of the roads and stuff (drawings) not actual pictures.
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    Head-Fi Folding@Home: Join the team!

    Hey guys, just saying that I will stop folding from now on.. Sorry, and well.. I hope you find some more people who can replace - well, not replace, since I'm so unique - me and even fold more! Who knows..
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    here fishy fishy...

    Quote: Originally Posted by N@Z Anyhoo... my bro in law's Nemo tank: (the frenchy crab thingy is just behind the coral, you can just make out it's 'feelers' thingy in the center of the 1st image, forgive my eloquent language ) Where's Dorice?
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    Which box shall I open ? : Ipod 4G or Iriver iHP140

    Quote: Originally Posted by Yasmin_Khan To be honest I haven't read up on what iTunes can or can't do. it's something I'm looking into. As well as deciding which player to go for. I know its for ripping cds to the apple/mp3 format, managing audio files on the computer for playback...
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    What smells do you really love?

    I love the smell of lilacs, I used to go over to my aunt's when I was little and she had the biggest garden ever. My favourite thing to do was to rock in the hammock and just drift away with smells, lilacs' being the strongest because of the nearby bushes. I also love the small of new...
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    Head-Fi Folding@Home: Join the team!

    Go team Canadian Head-Fi Folders!! Oh and welcome!
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    If this is true, then ER6i suck. If this bs, then you're deaf.