Head Gear Reviews by jincuteguy
  1. 1964 Audio A8 Custom IEM

    5.00 star(s)
    Introduction – After searching around for a bass CIEM, I came across 64 Audio (formerly known as 1964 Ears) on Head-Fi from people reviews.  This is also my first time hearing about the ADEL technology and how it can prevent hearing damage.  I like good bass with a warm, dynamic, and immersive sound so I went with the Custom A8.  It is an "enhanced bass" custom iem that features 8 BA drivers: 4-low, 2-mid, and 2-high with a quad core design and 3-way passive crossover.    Unboxing – The 64 Audio A8 comes in a small box with a 64 Audio logo.  Inside...