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    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    I just did a comparison between SR60 and SR325 un-amped into my ipod shuffle, I was not expecting to notice a difference, thinking the shuffle would not provide enough juice, but surprising the difference is night and day. The sound with SR325 is a lot more detailed, there is a little more sound...
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    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    # 2238, reporting in. Just received them from SnoopyRocks as a trade for my 701s. I am very happy to join the club
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    Quote: what happens after we deplete all the universe's hydrogen? what then??? lol this will actually happen in few billion billion billion billion billion years or so, once all the hydrogen has been converted into other elements. Then the universe will be very very dark once all...
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    Was discriminated against and refused service at an audio hi-fi store!!!!

    I too have had the lack of interest/courtesy from a hi-fi dealer. On one occasion I brought $1600 worth of equipment and the guy did not even smile. If I remember correctly he even sighed when I said I wanted the maple speakers when he brought out the black ones. The second visit he was just...
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    [pic] Headphone ID needed!

    I think it is maybe these and he has them on the wrong way round (Koss UR 20) Not sure if they are Audio Technica, as they seem to have more detail at the point where the headband meets the drivers. I thought 595s at first but they...
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    [pic] Headphone ID needed!

    Well we are looking for a model of headphone with a single cable to the right headphone (Hopefully the guy in the pic has them the correct way round) and with non fabric pads. That should help narrow it down. I'm looking to see if I can find any suspects.
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    Just got my 701's today!!

    I got my K701s a few days ago, I am really enjoying them at the moment, they don't have as much bass impact as my HD600s did, but they certainly have detail. I listened to Metallica - S&M - Master of Puppets and I swear I could hear a xylophone, the first time I have heard it. I really brings...
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    Help finding a CD Player

    How about trying to look for maybe an older cd player 2nd hand. (Marantz CD 63/67, Arcam Alphas, Nad etc). Otherwise I suspect that computer - > Dac would be the best option given your budget.
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    Deal on an Azure 540V

    It maybe a good deal if you can get it fixed, but my concern is if the rest of it fails or you end up paying for a half working device. To be honest if they were asking half the price, I would say yes. But I am not so sure for $180, seems a little much for something that only half works. I...
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    Dared MP5 + Zhaolu 1.3 + HD600 = Soundstage in my head

    Warning random head-fi zen like state related post. I just today received my Dared MP5 which I purchased from ak622, it was a bit of an impulse purchase, but I am so glad I did. When I got it this morning, I just quickly tested using the onboard usb dac to play mp3s from my ibook. I was...
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    Rega Apollo Impressions

    Thanks for the info, I am very interested in the Apollo. I used to own a Planet 2000 which I loved, but I had to sell it when I moved to Canada.
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    Which Amp for Shuffle & Etymotic ER6s

    Thanks for the comments, I will give it some consideration.
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    New 24/192 dac from china-nice!

    Great Pics, I will be interested to hear your comments on how much of an improvement it makes. I did consider the clock upgrade for mine, but I am nervous about having to do the mods myself. But I have the DY2000 on its way
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    Epos ELS-3

    I used to own a pair of ELS-3 and they are still IMHO the best speakers I have ever owned (I have also owned Wharfedale Valdus, B&W DM303 and Kef Crestas). I had to sell them when I moved to Canada and I wish I still had them. They ran with my Marantz PM7200 and Rega Planet, which was my...
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    New 24/192 dac from china-nice!

    I contacted Lawrence about the heaphone stage and he said there is an headphone section upgrade for $75, I am wondering if it's worth it. He says that this upgraded PCB uses 2SK214 , 2SJ77 MOS FET for output.