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    I am content. . .am i missing something?

    Quote: I can recommend that! actually, i can't recommend it :P
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    Question About Album Art

    The Rockbox firmware supports this, it works on an awful lot of MP3 players; even iPods'!
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    I am content. . .am i missing something?

    Quote: Save up for an external hard drive. Everyone should have one for a backup. I couldn't agree with you more! A friend of mine just lost all his music whilst upgrading to Windows Vista, he had no backups; I can recommend that! But for now, using the laptop cd-r will do nicely...
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    euphonic distortion, yea or nay: Echo Indigo versus TBAAM

    Thanks for the review; guess I'll be buying the TBAAM next week!
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    The Westone UM1/UM2 Appreciation Thread

    They sound great, they have made numerous flights and bus trips much more comfortable! +1!!!
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    Computer setup - which soundcard?

    Quote: What lineout are you talking about? I'll be using the optical out for the DAC-AH. Ah right, sorry about that! If an optical output is the case, it's got to be the AV710 for sure; both the Juli@ and AV710 have a bit-perfect optical output! They will sound exactly the same...
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    the END of internet Radio ???

    This is indeed dreary news, me and a lot of people i know have discovered a lot of new music using and Pandora... this has lead to me buying a lot of new CD's! And I'm sure that's not just me, so why would they do such a thing; it's rather bad for the artists!
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    For Wilco fans...

    Thank you, this is a great find!
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    Computer setup - which soundcard?

    I don't know all that much about the Juli@ but I own a Chaintech AV710, have used it in combination with a Pocket Amp 2 and a pair of MS2i's and UM2's; it sounds great! The line-out of the AV710 is really clean and not prone to interference and best of all... it's very, very cheap!
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    Donnie Darko.

    That bunny, Frank, is without doubt the most scary thing I ever saw! But the movie was great, rather confusing also; especially if you are so scared of the scenes with the bunny you have to look away :P I seriously missed a good part of it...
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    FedEx = BS

    Quote: Wow, a lot of people doesn't like DHL, have you ever had an incident with them? I have, more then one actually! The worst one would be this: An MiniDisk player was to be delivered to my home, but the DHL employee walked around my house (without calling at the front door!)...
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    Grado Advice Needed!

    I'd advice you to get the 325i's and stick with them; once you're into the whole Grado sound thing, it will be where you'll end up eventually... Also, the 325i's, in my opinion, really do have the best sound quality/price ratio of all the Grado 'phones on the market!
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    What, does this only happen to me? Im really pissed off.

    Quote: don't put your device in your pockets... Quite right, even keeping them in your backpack is better than using your pockets; all the moving about wreaks havoc on the wires/cords... btw. I does not only happen to you, I lost my pair of UM2's the same way
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    I sold my UM2's to James, it's been a great transaction; PayPal-ed me the money quickly and always was quick to reply to my PM's. Save to say, James is a trustworthy guy and a pleasure to deal with...