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  1. Astell&Kern Bille Jean (Blue)

    Selling a pair of mint condition Astell&Kern Bille Jean iem. This is one of the collaboration projects that A&K had with JH Audio. In mint/near new condition as I only tested it for less than an hour with Astell&Kern Michelle. Decided to upgrade my gear. I am the first and sole owner of it...
  2. [New] Dignis Leather Case for AK70mkii (Red)

    Up for sale is a brand new Dignis designer leather case for AK70mkii. Bought directly from official dealer ECT HK last year at retail price (HKD550). I paid USD 100 in total because of extra shipping fee to US. Asking USD 50, shipping is covered at CONUS. Sorry I would only ship it to locations...
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    CanJam NYC 2022 (February 26-27, 2022)

    Does any one know if I could exchange my 2 tickets from Saturday to Sunday? I have to change my flight but I couldn’t find the contact for ticket policy. Need some help, thanks!
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    Eletech Cables Official Impressions & Discussions Thread

    Wow, that looks premium for my daps and iems:kissing_heart: Please demo it in NYC Canjam!
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    CanJam NYC 2022 (February 26-27, 2022)

    Tickets bought for my gf and myself! Any chance to get the shiny medal :)?
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    Eletech Cables Official Impressions & Discussions Thread

    Booked NYC Canjam tickets for me & gf! Yes I introduced her into some portable iems this year while we were bored staying home, and she is clearly interested in them, and can tell sound differences fairly well! Can't wait to let her try on Eletech cables and meet Eric and your team. Saw some...
  7. [Price Dropped] Final x DITA SHICHIKU.KANGEN-糸竹管弦

    Hi, Up for sale is a pair of final x DITA Shichiku Kangen in excellent condition. I bought this beauty from @bluestorm1992 in June. He bought it in May from MusicTeck and I am the second owner of it. Official website. Original price: $2,899.00 (pre-tax). Used it for less than 10 hours because...
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    Introducing the AK SOLARIS X, Astell&Kern's newest collaboration with Campfire Audio

    Photo credit: 斗室听澜 on Weibo He mentioned that faceplates are slightly thicker, cable feels thinner than super smoky litz, but since the silver cable’s more expensive, he’s ok with that. Full review hasn’t been released by any reviewers yet. Personally I love these faceplates. They look like...
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    Eletech Cables Official Impressions & Discussions Thread

    Photo credit: SoundLuck China Gorgeous design! Looks like it comes with a special black edition Pentaconn slider! Can’t wait to audit.
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    Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

    It’s real. Official Vision Ears Erlkonig with custom fit. (However I don’t think it will be available for public though) Post by Eric Yu.
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    The Astell & Kern AK240

    Looks i am lucky that I sourced a completely new, factory-sealed AK240 from one of my friends in Asia. Hope I could get it shipped to US in 1 month. I‘ve bought and sold 2 AK240 during 2014 to 2016, but I still miss its engaging mids. One of a kind in all the A&K flagship players.
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    HD 800 S Anniversary Edition

    That looks sweet! Still one of my favorite open-back headphone. Can’t wait for the review!
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    Eletech Cables Official Impressions & Discussions Thread

    I think the reason is that for these cables, it could potentially cut the cable insulation, especially metal ones that give a premium finish. If they add plastic ones, though less likely to scratch the insulation, they do not fit in the design pattern. It's a trade-off. Perhaps it is better for...
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    CanJam NYC 2020 Impressions Thread (February 15-16, 2020)

    It is indeed a hard decision, but the moment I put Erlkonig in my ears and music started, I was flabbergasted. Personally I think it's an all-rounder, and I couldn't find a good reason to keep my old gears in my drawers.