Headphone Inventory
Home: Stax 009, Utopia, Hifiman HE6; ATH AD1000PRM (Limited Edition), Hifiman HE1000; LFF Code-X; Grado HP1000; HD598; HD600; HD650; HD800; HD800S; TH-X00; K7XX; LCD2.2C; LCD3C; LCDX; Grado SR60i; Beyer DT880/600; Abyss AB-1266; LFF Paradox; LFF Paradox Slant; LFF Enigma; LFF Enigmatic; Modded Yamaha YH-100; Beyer T1; Audio-Zenith PMx2

IEMs: 1964 Adel A12; EarWerkz Legend R; Noble K10; CustomArt Harmony 8 Pro; ACS Encore; Advanced AcousticWerkes AAW W500 AHMorph; Lear LCM BD4.2; ClearTune Monitors CT6E; Spiral Ears 5-Way Ultimate; Campfire Audio Jupiter; Campfire Audio Orion; LimeEars Aether; Vision Ears VE5; Hifiman RE1000; Warbler; Perfect Seal AR6; CustomArt Harmony 8.2; ClearTune Monitors CT500; Jomo Audio 6R; Rhapsodio Galaxy; Campfire Audio Andromeda; Campfire Audio Jupiter; Westone W60; Shure SE846 (with Sensaphonics Custom Sleeves); Hifiman RE600; Hifiman RE252; Westone UM3X; Phonak 232; JH13
Headphone Amp Inventory
Home:DIY T2, Eddie Current Studio; Apex Teton; Ear Yoshino V12; Dragon Inspire IHA-1, Hegel P20+H20; Apex Spire; Apex Sangaku; ECP L2; Glenn Uber OTL; First Watt F7, Violectric V281

Portable: C&C TU; TTVJ MHP; iQube v2; iBasso D10 (blackgate mod); Vorzuge Duo; Portaphile 627; Apex Glacier

Gone: Eddie Current Black Widow (v1- two chassis), Moon 430HAD, Auralic Taurus MKII, Schiit Ragnarok, Woo WA5
Source Inventory
Streamer: Rednet 3; Sonore microRendu

Home: Mutec 3+ USB; Hegel H30; Chord Dave; Smyth Realiser A16

Portable: Hifiman HM801 (balanced); Hifiman HM901S (balanced), Alo Continental Dual Mono

Gone: Yggy, Mojo, Hugo
Cable Inventory
Curious USB, Toxic, Twag, etc etc.
Power-Related Components
PS Audio P5, P10 x2
Acrolink power cables with furutech connectors
Dedicated powerline with furutech receptacles
Grover Huffman Empress IC and Power Cord
Other Audio Equipment
More 6SN7 and 5volt recitifers than can last a lifetime, Kron 2A3s etc etc
Audio-Related Tweaks
Ceraball footers; AET footers


Reviewer, Fit for a Bat! Flagship IEM Shootout

Amps: DIY T2, EC Studio, Apex Teton+Sangaku, Glenn Uber OTL, Hegel P+H20, Ear Yoshino V12, ECP L2, First Watt F7, Pass Labs XA25, Airtight ATM-1S
DACs: Chord Dave+Blu2, Hegel HD30, Bricasti M1
Cans: SR-009, Utopia, CodeX, HD800 + S, Abyss Phi, HE6, AKG K1000, ZMF Atticus + Eikon