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    Strange section in "A Day In The Life"

    It's at 5:06, by the way. Precedes the "infinite" gibberish at the end.
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    Headphone Sightings 2

    Quote: Originally Posted by 3X0 These [MDR-V150] are also the "official" headphones of NYC. I think there's a Montreal by-law making them mandatory.
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    Who else despises skullcandy headphones?

    A Head-Fi circlejerk!
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    SOLD: Sennheiser HD238

    That's a good one. These sell for 84$ on Amazon.
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    Music Game VIII

    "Walkin' Blues" - Eric Clapton
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    I can't take advantage of it because I'm in Canada, but I must say that the finish is quite attractive. Good job!
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    When will RE0 for $79 be over?

    I sent an email to the Head-Direct guys asking the same question. Here's their answer: Quote: Dear JeJeP, No comment about it. Pls order soon. Best, Customer Service Department, Head-Direct Corporation
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    Can't access it either.
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    FS: Cowon iAudio 7 I7 iAudio7 8gb

    Yep, won't sell at that price.
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    WTB: Cmoy amp

    In a mint tin, preferably. I know everyone has one in their drawers!
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    WTB: Grado SR60-80

    I'm interested by one of these beauties for home listening. PM me!
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    Post your computer specs!~

    Laptop: Late 2006 MacBook 2.0 GHz C2D 1 GB of 667DDR2 GMA950 (ugh) 80 gigs HD Desktop: 2008 iMac 20" 2.4 GHz C2D 3 GB of 667DDR2 ATI 2400 XT 250 gigs of HD
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    Rank The Songs #1: The Beatles - Revolver

    Eleanor Rigby For No One Love You To Here, There and Everywhere Got To Get You Into My Life Tomorrow Never Knows I Want To Tell You I'm Only Sleeping Yellow Submarine Good Day Sunshine And Your Bird Can Sing She Said She Said Taxman Doctor Robert EDIT: Yes, I know. Yellow...