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    tube amp repair?

    Could be a tube went and the fuse blew?  Have you checked the fuse?  I just blew a tube in one of my mono blocks (speaker amp) the other day, I had to replace the tube and fuse.  I would e-mail Craig.  A great guy and very responsive (I owned a ZD).
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    An audiophile and petrolhead's journal: Buckle up!

    I haven't read the entire thread.  My wife and I just celebrated 10 years.  My wife is frugal.  I'd spend every cent if I could :-)  One of the best things we EVER did was work out discretionary funds up front.  Money we each get for the month that is ours to spend however we want.  If I don't...
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    Perfect Wave DAC Owner Unite

    I ordered the MK II upgrade on 12/30.  I currently use the bridge as my primary input.
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    Huge MFSL and SACD sale

    All CD's play without issue.  Many are out of print.  Some of the CD's listed below are Hybrid CD's which means they contain both Redbook and SACD on the disc.  I have excellent feedback here, there is a link to my archived feedback in my signature.  I have described each disc to the best of my...
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    FS: Exemplar Denon DVD-3910

    Sold Pending Funds   I bought a PS Audio Perfectwave DAC.  Plan on purchasing the Bridge soon.  I am truly going to miss this player!!
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    Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0

    PS Audio Perfectwave Dac....   Next up is the Network Bridge for it.  Running it out the USB port on my Macbook Pro for now.  Network Bridge will be paired with my Synology DS411+ which was my previous most significant purchase    I'm running it with 8TB in raid 5.  
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    FS: Exemplar Denon DVD-3910

    Quote: It really is a fantastic player!  I replaced my Meridian G07 with this.  I never looked back.  I have added pictures to this thread.  I have a ton more pictures for those interested HERE.  As you can see from the pictures, the player is in great condition.  I believe I have rated...
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    FS: Exemplar Denon DVD-3910

    Up for sale is a heavily modified John Tucker Exemplar Denon DVD-3910 in black.  This is a great price for this unit with all the upgrades that are included.  It is in great condition.  I'd rate the unit a conservative 8/10 and the remote a 7.5/10.  No noticeable marks on the unit other than a...
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    Quote: Watched Robin Hood last night.  I agree completely with the sentiments above.  I would rate it a 5/10 though.
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    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    The latest Karate Kid - 7/10.  I think I'm just stuck on the original