Head Gear Reviews by jeffhawke
  1. Cayin N3 DAP, Master Quality Digital Audio Player (Black)

    5.00 star(s)
    Foreword I was lucky enough to be selected as the first user for the N3's European Tour. I got twice as lucky because I kept the N3 way beyond the time I was supposed to send it on to the next fellow reviewer, and thus got the chance to download and test HiBy Music's beta version of HibyLink, as provided by Cayin. Thank you Andy! Review I will post no pictures as there are plenty beautiful hi-res pix already posted on the N3 thread, so no need to take up space unnecessarily. Unboxing The unboxing was pretty seamless. The packaging reflects the...
  2. Fostex TH500RP

    5.00 star(s)
    Foreword   I bought these headphones in February this year from fellow head-fier @dieslow, and got them after about three weeks, courtesy of Swiss customs. After reading Steve Guttenberg's rave review on Cnet, I was all too excited to try them out on my new iDSD BL. Boy was I disappointed! They sounded dull, veiled, flat to the point that my Fidelio X2 (a VERY good heaphone, btw, especially considering the price) was miles ahead of them in terms of everything, really. So I decided to put them on the chopping block, pretty much for the same price I...