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    Feedback by 'JD1993' on listing 'Sennheiser HD800S Single ended (1/4") cable'

    Jawsq was quick and responsive! He shipped out the cables very shortly after payment was received and packaged them incredibly securely. Trustworthy and friendly member of the head-fi community! Would absolutely work with again!
  2. Sennheiser HD800S Single ended (1/4") cable

    Looking to buy a new/good condition 1/4" replacement/stock cable for Sennheiser HD800S's. If you have one, shoot me your offer with some pictures of the cable! I'm located around NYC and can also arrange a meetup if you'd prefer to do that.
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    Campfire Audio IO vs. FiiO FH5 IEM comparison?

    I'm trying to find a good set of IEMs for around the $300 mark. I'm curious if anyone has had both the Campfire Audio IO and the FiiO FH5 who's willing to share their impressions of both? I.E. their relative strengths and weaknesses, comfort, fit, build quality, etc. If you have any other...
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    $800 Budget - Closed back, portable and comfortable for office use and travel

    Hi! I'm looking for recommendations for some comfortable closed-back headphones I can take around with me to use in an office setting or just for traveling in general. Ideally I'm looking for headphones around the $800 mark. I'm looking for a pair that provides great isolation while still...
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    Noble Audio Savant (Wizard) vs. Campfire Audio Lyra

    I'm in the market for new IEMs that I can use both with my Woo Audio WA7 and my iPhone 6. For sound signature, I prefer an open and spacious sound stage (as open as they can get). I'd like for bass, mids and treble to be equally represented, and for the sound to be detailed and engaging. I...
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    Best universal IEMs for $700 or less?

    My UE900s just broke and I can't get them replaced since they've been discontinued. I'm now on the market to find a new pair of universal IEMs that I can use wherever. I'd prefer a neutral sound with nothing being too bassy.  Thanks a lot!
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    Oppo PM-3 vs Audeze EL-8

    I'm told that my ears are still growing and changing, so I'll have to hold off on custom IEMs for a few more years. I think for now I'll stick with getting my hands on the PM-3s, unless there's others comparable to that.
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    Oppo PM-3 vs Audeze EL-8

    My main concern is that the EL-8s just lack bass to my ears, especially compared to the LCD-2s.
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    Oppo PM-3 vs Audeze EL-8

    I've heard that a lot of people have had issues with getting a proper seal on the EL-8s. Also, some models make a weird noise when you press down on the earcup. When I heard the EL-8s, I found the demo model to have that issue as well. 
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    Audeze EL-8 - Any places to try these out in NYC?

    I'm debating between keeping my current pair and putting the money towards a woo audio WA7, or just buying the EL-8s and getting the WA7 later.
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    Audeze EL-8 - Any places to try these out in NYC?

    I just got the chance to give them a listen at Stereo Exchange. They're pretty stellar for a closed back pair. They're just a bit picky with positioning and the music player.
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    Official New York Spring Meet Sat May 2nd 2015

    Excited for this meet. I hope I can make it! 
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    Schiit Lyr vs. Little Dot MK III for the Beyerdynamic T90s.

    I've been trying to decide between these two tube amps for my T90s. In your opinion, which of these is the better match? If there are other tube amps in their price range, then I'd be interested in hearing about those as well.
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    Samsung Galaxy S4 compatible portable DAC/AMPs?

    I actually just got back from a trip to France. The flight there was 10 and a half hours (because of a 4 and a half hour wait due to a faulty instrument), and the flight back was around 7 and a half hours. I listened to music for a good 7 hours on the flight there, and a good 4 hours on the...