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    Win a SUSVARA

    T As I would like the Susvara because as I explore music, my time has boundaries--My experience and enjoyment should not.
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    RHA Dacamp L1, CL1 Ceramic & CL750 Review Tour

    Head-Fi Username:jbergner Location (City, Country): Maryland, USA RHA Products Previously Used: T10I, T20I Source Gear: AudioQuest Dragonfly Red, OPPO BDP-105, OPPO HA-1, Iphone6S
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    HIFIMAN’s Lucky Upgrade Opportunity

    Email Sent.  Lurking for months here at Head-Fi, so a great opportunity to break the ice and finally post.  Whether I'm selected or not, it's very encouraging to see HiFiMAN support their customers--even if it is just a select few--when they really don't have to.