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    Reply to review by 'jazzgene' on item 'Fostex T50RP MK3 Professional Studio Headphones, Semi-Open'

    Wonder if Topping NX4 can drive the T50RP. Anyone try?
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    Woo Audio WA11 Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    I’ve been using the WA11 for a year now. Such a great amp. It sounds great with all my phones. No fatigue.
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    Happy new owner of Stax

    Picked up a quartet of nos RCAs for my 007tii. On one of the tubes, with the TVR4 trimmer maxed out, I can only get to a match difference of 0.175v. The other 3 tubes, I was able to match to 0v. Hmmm. Sounds great but should I return one of the tube? Not cheap. $240 for the quartet. Or is a...
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    SR-009 now in the house!  Love it.  
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    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    HD 650 and Benchmark DAC1 sounds perfect together.  Almost makes me think Benchmark designed their DAC1 around the HD 650!  My HD 800 doesn't sound nearly as good through the DAC1.
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    Woo Audio WA8 Review - Head-Fi TV

    Strange about the pop disappearing.  But good to know.
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    List of DACs that work with iPad

    I was able to get the iPhone 6 to work with Teac UD-501. Had to use a powered USB hub between though.
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    List of DACs that work with iPad

    Teac UD-501 does not work with iPad. :mad:
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    Woo Audio WA-8

    Heard back from Jack. High quality cells are used. Good for 500 full charge/discharge cycles. Must send back to Woo for battery replacement. I am going to get one.
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    Woo Audio WA-8

    I wonder what the quality of the Lithium battery may be. How many charge cycles? Will I need to replace the battery every year like many laptops? And I am guessing, I would need to ship it back to Woo?
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    In Vertigo - Advice needed - What is the next step? - LCD-3 / SR007mkII

    I don't find the SR-007mk2 and SRM-007tII to be dark.  The bass is better defined and the other instruments are crystal clear.  I listen to mostly jazz and classical music.  I master jazz albums professionally and also play the guitar at places like the Blue Note here in NYC. So I pretty much...
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    Stax SR-007 for accurate audio engineering work?

    I wouldn't mix with phones.  Use it as a check but not to rely on the phones for getting there.  Using high quality monitors in a proper room is the way to go in my opinion.