Looking for the unvarnished truth
Apr 11, 1950 (Age: 73)
Zürich, Switzerland
Sound editing, tennis, jogging, photography, motorcycling, mountainbiking, science-fiction books, cosmology...
Headphone Inventory
HiFiMan HE1000se; HEDDphone; Dan Clark Audio Æon² (closed); 2 homegrown electrostats on the basis of Stax Lambda Pro and Lambda Signature Pro; Stax Lambda Nova; AKG K 701; Sennheiser HD 800 (modified), HD 650, HD 600, HD 595, HD 238 Precision, PX 200, PX 100; Grado PS1; Campfire Dorado 2020, Atlas, Andromeda; Shure SE846, SE535; FiiO FH9, FH7, EX1; Sennheiser IE 800, IE 8; Etymotic ER-4PT (modified); Phonak Audéo PFE 112
Headphone Amp Inventory
Stax SRM-727II, SRM-T1 (modified); Chord Dave, Hugo₂, Hugo₁, Mojo₂, Mojo₁; Meier-Audio Corda Symphony, Concerto, Opera, Aria prototype; Mapletree Ear++ (Black Gates); Talisman T-3H; passive «amp» (actually a mere attenuator in the form of a 500 Ω potentiometer) for the connection to high-level sources
Source Inventory
Hugo M Scaler, Chord Dave, Hugo₂, Hugo₁, Mojo₂, Mojo₁; Bel Canto DAC2; Dodson DA.217 MK II; McCormack UDP-1 (universal player); Philips DVD 963 SA; Audiolab 8000CDM (CD transport); Corda Symphony and Opera internal DACs; Computer/foobar2000; FiiO M11S and M11 Pro (each with Neutron Player), X5 II, X3 II, X5; SanDisk Clip Sport, Clip Zip, Clip+
Cable Inventory
HE1000se cables: Norne Silvergarde S3, Lavricables Grand and Master Silver, Moon Audio Silver Dragon; HEDDphone cable: Norne Silvergarde S4; HD 800 cables: Norne Silvergarde S3, Lavricables Master Silver, Moon Audio Black Dragon, DHC Clone; Æon² Closed cable: Silvergarde SC; Dorado/Atlas/Andromeda/FH7/SE535/SE846 cable: Norne Silvergarde S3C, ALO Litz, Silver Litz, Reference 8, Lavricables Reference Silver, FiiO LC-3.5C, LC-3.5D, LC-4.4D; HD 600/650 cables: Zu Mobius, Silver Dragon, several homegrown magnet-wire cables; M Scaler–DAVE dual-BNC cables: Wave Storm, Amphenol RF; interconnects: Zu Gede, Silver Dragon, Rudistor, several homegrown magnet-wire cables
Other Audio Equipment
Passive pre-«amp» (with Alps 10-kΩ potentiometer), Corda headphone amps (theoretically) usable as preamps; power amps: Metaxas Solitaire (modified), BEL 1001; homegrown 1- and 2-way speakers with homegrown fiberglass dome tweeters
Audio-Related Tweaks
For maximum neutrality, all of my headphones are equalized (via custom presets). All stereo recordings are crossfeeded, all mono recordings are stereophonized (via Steinberg's WaveLab).
Music Preferences
Creative (progressive/alternative/independent...) Rock/Pop/Electronica/Ambient..., (contemporary) Jazz, (contemporary) Classical...
Nikon D800 system, Kawasaki Z900RS SE
(semi-)retired Editor


FiiO M11 Pro/Neutron – M Scaler – Wave StormDAVE – HiFiMan HE1000se·/·Sennheiser HD 800·/·HEDDphone
- .. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- Stax SRM-727II – Electrostat·1 /·Electrostat 2
FiiO M11S/Neutron – Chord Hugo₂/Mojo – FiiO FH9 or Campfire Dorado 2020 or Atlas or Dan Clark Audio Æon² (balcony, bedroom & travelling system)
FiiO X3 II – Atlas or Dorado or FiiO FH9 (jogging system)