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    Nuforce Icon HD as Speaker DAC

    When you connect headphones to the front of the Icon HD, the device acts as a Headphone Amp. When you unplug the headphones an internal switch engages the RCA Line level outputs on the back, which you would then connect to an amplifier for powering speakers. :)
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    Anybody know anything about the NuForce Icon amp's sound?

    Why not give it a try. There is a 30 day return policy if you don't like it. :) Here is one review.....
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    NuForce uDac-2 vs USB-SPDIF bridges

    The only way to connect to the uDac-2 is by means of  USB connection from a computer. Then you can either use the internal DAC/Headphone amp, or use the S/PDIF OUT to connect to a different device with a S/PDIF input bypassing the internal DAC/AMP combo. In this regard it is strictly a USB to...
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    Nuforce Icon HDP into Mac help

    Are you sure you are changing the OUTPUT and not the INPUT sample rate ?
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    Nuforce Icon HDP into Mac help

    The guidelines for system settings are intended to assist you in the setup and operation of your Nuforce 24bit/96kHz USB DAC products (Icon HDP, uDAC-2, uDAC2-HP, Icon2 etc). USB is good only to 24bit/96kHz any higher resolutions must use the coax or optical SPDIF.   Best Regards, JasonS
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    [Review] Nuforce Icon HDP

    The optical input of the HDP works up to 192kHz, but MANY OTHER PARTS of optical, such as the cable and the source DON'T SUPPORT > 96kHz. The HDP supports 88.2 and 176.4 but not via USB.   Hope this helps, JasonS
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