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    Review: Fiio E7

    i think im going to be the most controversial person here, and say that i dont really like the FiiO E7 even though it is my first DAC and Amp. I dont really need the amp because I have Westone UM3X and Sennheiser HD 598, but I really dont like it as a DAC. I prefer the sound from my Cowon S9 and...
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    Buying a whole new set up!

    the E7/E9 is a dac as well, and apparently its got plenty of power for the hd800's.   how is the asgard so much better? im not very familiar with this, because the only amp i have ever used was built in to my stereo player and wasnt particularly good.
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    Buying a whole new set up!

    Quote: i listen to mainly rock, metal and electronica. i also listen to some music where i consider ambience to be important (eg classical, vocals (namely Adele)). i dont expect to find something which is perfect for everything, just something which is good at everything and notably...
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    Buying a whole new set up!

    Quote:   I know that, but do you think I should play around with several cheaper headphones to be satisfied on a signature? These headphones seem to be very well recommended and are around the 100 dollar mark: Sennheiser HD555 Sennheiser HD25-1 II Audio-Technica ATH M-50 AKG...
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    Buying a whole new set up!

    Quote: where can this this stuff authentically and for cheap?   and also do you think that an Asus Xonar DG with Audio Technica ATHM50 would be a good (and very cheap) option?
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    Westone UM3X Thread

    are variable bitrate files good enough for the UM3x?
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    Help! are my UM3X not working properly

    Quote: Originally Posted by IpodHappy Here are some things to check: 1) Does it occur with all tracks at about the same frequency and volume? If it's only on a few tracks, the UM3Xs are great at highlighting mix defects, which is a good thing for those making masters. 2) Do you have...
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    pretty happy. managed to get a pair of westone um3x brand new for £160 GBP ($265 US) off of ebay. should be here pretty soon. should i be burning these in? if so how long for and which type of sound files should i be using at what volumes?
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    Klipsch Image S4?

    i owned the s4s for about 3 days and the right earphone stopped working. i have to admit i have never burned in earphones before, but these earphones sounded really good to me, espeically when using a rock EQ setting. i liked the power and delivery of the bass. the highs were slightly too...