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  1. Audio Quest Dragonfly Red (SOLD)

  2. Oppo HA-2 DAC/Headphone Amp

    Oppo HA-2 DAC/Amp in excellent condition. No scuffs on the leather and no scratches on the metal. Great sounding portable unit with lots of usable features. Comes with the oem charging cable and upgraded lightening/USB cable. $125 shipped & PayPaled, obo.
  3. Grado RS2e Reference Series

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    Meridian Explorer 2 stopped working...

    Ur going to need a micro-solderer. Someone who specializes in repairing circuit boards. Just Google micro-soldering. Places that fix cell phones could probably do it for u as well.
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    Meridian Explorer 2 stopped working...

    Sorry, just saw this. The input port needed to be resoldered to the board. Cost me $50 but it works like a charm now.
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    Meridian Explorer² Impressions Thread

    My Explorer2 recently stopped working. Won't power on when connected to a source. Used several different cables to rule out that as the issue. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could get it serviced? Or is it not worth it?
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    Samsung Galaxy & USB amp/dac: Volume Issues...

    The low volume happens in both Spotify and YouTube, so it doesn't appear app related. Im not sure how to unlock the developer options in the Galaxy Note 9, but I'll give it a try. Thank you for the advice.
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    Samsung Galaxy & USB amp/dac: Volume Issues...

    Ive been trying to use my Explorer2 amp/dac and Momentum 2.0 headphones with my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with limited success. I connect the Explorer2 to the Note 9 with the USB adapter that came with the phone. The phone appears to power the Explorer just fine and it sounds great, which indicates...
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    Greetings... and Questions about Good Pairings for the Chord Mojo...

    945's or 940's? I don't see an SRH945 listed for any Shure headphones.
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    Settings Advice for Chord Mojo with Sennheiser HD600...

    Thanks Lonzo! I'm mainly using Tidal through my iPhone 6. The only volume control that has any effect is the one on the Mojo. The iPhone volume control has no effect. Does that mean it has automatically been set to bit perfect? So far I've used the Mojo with the HD600, Momentum 2.0, and Grado...
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    CD Playing on Computer Sounds Better Than Tidal Streaming at 1411 KBPS from iPhone?

    Very interesting indeed. I forgot to mention and even at the same volume level on the DAC/Amp unit, the CD on the laptop started out louder than the streaming iPhone. But I think that is due to what I discovered next: while the volume on the iPhone was completely bypassed and had no effect on...