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    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    I've sadly lost my ER4p of some 15 years, so I'm looking to replace them. Are the ER4SR what I am looking for? I don't want one the requires an amp. If so how is the cable durability? The first review on Amazon says his cable failed with little use. Thanks.
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    WTB: Andrea Lucchesini Beethoven cycle

    I'm looking to buy Andrea Lucchesini's Beethoven cycle, please send me a message if you have this CD box for sale. Anywhere in the world is fine, thanks! Edit: offering $320, really would like to hear this exceptional cycle!
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    My DIY electrostatic headphones

    The reason I was wondering is if they were using glass stators I would have imagined they made this very public, as it was in pretty heavily advertised by them in HE90 promotional/review material.
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    My DIY electrostatic headphones

    I did some searching and I couldn't find if Sennheiser ever mentioned what the HE-1 stators are made of. Does it look like they're PCB?
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    FS: Tribute moving coil SUT nanocrystalline toroid (1:10/20)

    Price drop to $1725 plus shipping/split PP fee
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    yggdrasil technical measurements

    Anyone planning to measure it again now that the Analog 2 upgrade has been out for a while and had some DSP changes as well?
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    FS: Tribute moving coil SUT nanocrystalline toroid (1:10/20)

    Selling a pair (2 transformers) of unused Tribute moving coil step up transformers that can be set for either 1:10 or 1:20. These are wound on a toroid nanocrystalline core for the utmost transparency. These are in my opinion the best SUT ever made :) Pieter is no longer winding transformers for...
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    Vacuum tubes

    Not according to Toole's blind comparison tests, trained and untrained listeners do in fact prefer speakers that measure flat in an anechoic chamber with smooth directivity.
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    Torpedo III Build Thread

    I am still very happy with mine, it's incredibly transparent without sounding "dead"; just amazing for classical.