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    The HISSBUSTER - for sensitive headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by wualta Isn't this the same kind of inline attenuator that all sorts of folks complain drastically changes the sound quality when it comes already attached to the headphones? If you mean R2 plus headphones without R1 then no, that's a different beast...
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    What makes or breaks a recording?

    True, the OP isn't around much these days, but remains most interested in this topic. Quote: Originally Posted by ken36 Publicity.
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    The HISSBUSTER - for sensitive headphones

    Quote: TimmyMac: If I'm looking at this right... most of the current goes through the little cross resistor then? And the phones only see a small amount of current? True, and the larger current through R1 ensures that the voltage across the phones is a faithful, scaled-down replica of...
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    The HISSBUSTER - for sensitive headphones

    Hi audiomagnate. Quick question - what's the power output of that Mitsubishi? I can't find any info on it, other than that it's a well regarded amp from circa 1980. The reason I ask is that you have to think about power issues when you build something like this into a device which is capable of...
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    The HISSBUSTER - for sensitive headphones

    Modern headphones are too sensitive. How sensitive should they be? Some people find that previous favourites like the HD580 (at 102 dB/V) are hard to drive with portable players but I've had more frustration due to the opposite problem, i.e. background hiss from headphones which are too...
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    A Simple Potentiometer Volume Control

    Here's an easy project for those times when a 6x6 matrix stepped attenuator is overkill. An inline volume control is handy when sharing a source or to reduce background hiss. It also helps you to get a good sound from sources which don't perform well at low volume settings. Ideally, P1 would...
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    dB per milliWHAT? Efficiency vs. Sensitivity vs. "How loud do they really go?"

    Iron_Dreamer, thanks for the corrections. I'm not sure where I got the Beyerdynamic specifications, but evidently it wasn't from the Beyer website - search for the DT531 there and nothing comes up. I agree that numbers off headphone boxes will in general be more reliable than numbers from...
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    Spooky stuff, but what is it? (Ghost of Stenhammar)

    So there I was at, browsing through the back catalogue of Top 40 hits from 1902, when some bits were flipped by a cosmic ray or something. Check out the music samples on this CD:- Stenhammar #1, Jarvi/Gothenburg. <Search for B0000016A4 if the link doesn't work.>
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    Wes Phillips contradicts himself..

    No-one's mentioned burn-in yet... ...or psychoacoustic conditioning. Changes in the treble balance of commercially released CDs...(?) Differing artefacts produced by a newer generation of analog-to-digital converters used in studios, and digital-to-analog converters used in CD...
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    $200 for ES7. Worth it?

    Bangers, you're mad. ...but it does fold flat...
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    Impedance mod : I dont hear anything different......

    Are these extra resistors going in series with the headphones or in parallel? From your description of the change in sound, I assume the latter. Try a much lower resistance. I regularly use a 10 ohm "impeder". As sgrossklass has mentioned in another recent thread, the amp->heapdhone interface...
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    Electrostatic to Dynamic - Best approach

    Quote: matt8268: Will I regret getting rid of the Stax, or will a good tube amp make me forget all about it? Yes, I believe you would regret disposing of the Stax, but I don't think a valve amp is the answer. How do you feel about EQ? I'm sure you're aware that the 3030 is not...
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    Reducing Wind Noise While Bicycling (without headphones)

    Evidently, humans weren't designed to be able to hear clearly while cycling, running or just facing into a decent breeze. Most four-legged creatures can wiggle their ears in various directions. Some can even ride bicycles, but I digress. By the simple act of extending an index finger skywards...
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    8.9 Earthquake Struck SE Asia

    Quote: Nak Man: The wave itself was a side effect of an earthquake taking place way down on seabed - in 8+ richter scale. Not sure if there's a way to predict earthquake. Right, but you don't have to predict the earthquake. In deep water, tsunami travel extremely fast as a lateral...
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    8.9 Earthquake Struck SE Asia

    This one probably slipped under the radar because there was no substantial damage, but exactly 58 hours before the Indonesian earthquake there was a major seismic event south of Tasmania (Australia). (See here or here). At 8.1 on the Richter scale, it was the largest earthquake since Peru (2001)...