Apr 7, 2013
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Early retired, Ex Network Admin, Techi-Head I suppose

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    Early retired, Ex Network Admin, Techi-Head I suppose
    MUSIC, Gaming, Chess, Constantly upgrading my music components/ devices/ cables/ Music collecting...
    Video :p Films - Gaming Etc...
    Headphone Inventory:
    Sennheiser IE800's IEM, Shure SE 535Ltd Reds BUDS for Mixed Music with Custom dtses14 Silver Cable + Custom Sunricky Baldur MKIII Cable for the Shure's.
    Monster turbine Pro Copper Edition BUDS for TV film
    Several mixed Seinhoozers/ Klipcheez/ Skullcandeez & a couple of rocking residenceeez for Tv/ crap general pc use etc... ;)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Astell & Kern AK120 X2 128gb microSD's Giving 320GB Digital out handy
    Colorfly C4 Pro 32Gb (With 128gb microsd FAT32) Multiple Uses
    Objective2 Headphone Amplifier (2x9V upgrade) for Cans use on my Proper Hi-Fi's
    Pro-Ject Headbox SE MKII same use on the Hi-Fi's
    NuForce with Silver Lod for IPod just now & then TBH
    cMoyBB V2.03 (2x9V upgrade) in it's Mintos tin the original & best 1 with Bass for techno days :p
    Source Inventory:
    Varies from my AK120 or C4 to tapping Directly into my main Hi-Fi using the Objective 2 Amp or Pro-Ject II Head Amp which is a Musical Fidelity, Arcam & Linn hybrid, MF M1CliC Streamer --> Arcam FMJ D33 DAC --> Linn Exotik Dynamik'd pre-amp --> Linn Tri-Active Lk140's -->Linn Keilidhs & Lk140's Bi-Activ'ing --> Katans all connected with Solid Silver Custom RCA's/ Nordost Digi leads & Nordost speaker cable runs x5 (x3 for triactiv) & (x2 for bi-Activ)
    Cable Inventory:
    Whoops see above but add in a few more custom made solid silver phono's/ Headphone Cables,
    Some black rhodium RCA's & Hdmi's, Qed RCA's & Hdmi's, Some Pro-Ject lil RCA's & some more Nordost cables & custom made Jumpers etc too ;)
    Power-Related Components:
    Self made power cables & plugs deoxit'd all round with mixed silver/ rhodium & OF Copper component end plugs for All my Hi-Fi, PC & Video Components
    Other Audio Equipment:
    God, some more Linn Pwr amps, more Linn speakers (kans mark4's & index mark2's)
    Cyrus 1 end of the line model integrated amp, Cyrus 5.1 Pre amp with a built in 100watt rms middle speaker output.
    Kef C5's
    B&w 601 series 1's
    Monitor audio bx1's
    Mission 760se's
    X2 Project Pre amps & x2 project Pwr amps (se models) project iPod docks x2
    Custom made solid silver internal wired passive dual input Pre-amp
    Other stuff I honestly cannot remember off hand, I know I need a SALE LOL
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Just going Active with the Linn Amps & Speakers was my biggest Audio Improvement.
    1 old Linn powertek replaced a few caps myself tinkering for a different IMHO improved sound.
    Music Preferences:
    Techno, house, dance, rock, blues, classical
    Asus ROG "17, Alienware MX17, Alienware MX11 Gaming Laptops, x2 Lenovo's Laptops, Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, IPad mini retina 128gb, IPAD 64gb Tablets, IPod touch 32Gb, x2 iPhone 6s's, x2 Custom self made Desktop gaming Rigs, House Media Server 16TB's of Media for Streaming & Varius Assorted Gadgets toys to sell hehe...
    Just a Lover of music reproduced at the highest quality I can normally afford :p


    Colorfly C4Pro/ Astell & Kern AK120/ MF M1CliC Streamer + Arcam D33 DAC +O2 Amp-->dtses14 Silver Cable-->Shure SE 535Ltd Red IEM's/ Sennheiser IE800 IEM's = Both Heaven :)
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