Head Gear Reviews by itsborken
  1. HeadAmp pico Slim Portable Amp

    5.00 star(s)
    I received #66; it is a great sounding little amp with great build quality as normal with Justin's work.  The volume adjustment is very accurate and provides precise control.   Battery life is excellent as well.   Unfortunately it's designed for IEMs and it demonstrates why I need to replace the SE530s with something with better low and top end.   Picked up a Nano and twag dock; the combination is very small and it does a very good job.   Update: I ended up selling the Slim as I decided I didn't want to go down the J13 route.  I'm not a big fan...
  2. HeadAmp pico Portable Amp

    5.00 star(s)
    I primarily use the Pico at work to listen to CDs and for that it does an excellent job.  Occasionally it's used amp-only with a rockboxed iMod or H140.  In all cases it is a solid performer.   The USB DAC is the main reason people buy it but the amp circuit is no slouch either.  The soundstaging is great, notes are sharp and clear.  Some people call it warm, I don't find it as such.  It may be a tad on the expensive side, but the build quality and value that it delivers warrants the cost IMO.   In my case it's usually paired with AKG 271S or SE...
  3. HeadAmp Gilmore Lite

    5.00 star(s)
    This was a great starter amp when it was still in production.  Even used, the value is exceptional as a very detailed SS single ended amp.  Takes one SE input, provides loop out connection.  High quality build; Justin's attention to detail is great.  Surprising how small it is compared to the sound it puts out, in the realm of Amb's M3.   The amp is designed around Kevin Gilmore's dynalo, with all components on the main PCB and using an external ELPAC wall wart powers supply or an optional, cleaner power supply.  It differs from the GS-1 and GS-X...
  4. HeadAmp GS-X Headphone Amp/Pre-Amp

    5.00 star(s)
    An excellent amp; mostly used with AKG K1000s here. SQ is superb.  The downside is it easily exposes flaws in source and recorded material due to it's accuracy.  It benefits from a balanced rig.  If you want to notice what is in the music you've not heard before, this is the amp for you.