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    New amp for my 650

    I have speakers also, so looking at the Sweet Peach FU50 tube amp. Has "MP3" in on the front, onboard DAC, and the FU50/GU50 is a great tube.
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    Please help me do a small test about sound distortion.

    Introducing too many unknowns on both ends to have a meaningful test, but I aplaud the effort. If you really want to understand the tube sound, go listen to a pair of Klipschorns, or A7's driven by a decent tube amp, hopefully from clean vinyl and a good mc cartridge.
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    BLIND TEST: Lossless vs. MP3 320 vs. Vorbis (q=10)

    Although the files don't download, I can tell you that even with stock earbuds, the difference between a 10meg and a 100meg file of the same material is too obvious. So what's the point?
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    ATH-ES55 Quick Impressions: Favorite Headphone Under $100

    I just bought them too! Postman, hurry! Would be interested as to how they change over a break in...
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    PX100 sound- but no foam ear pads?

    ATH-ES55....? Pleather, Great sound. More money, however. I'll have soon, let you know how they play.
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    Difference between Anologue and digital sound?

    As much as I enjoy hearing this scrap play out, as it has elsewhere many times, let's face it. It's all relative. When cd's first came out, I was pretty impressed with the obvious advantages. It took me a long time to get around to committing to a high end table and MM (happy I saved my vinyl)...
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    PX 200ii or ATH-ES55 ??

    Getting back into audio after moving halfway around the planet. I just ordered a Sansa Fuze v2 and will rockbox it upon receipt. I understand these work best with low impedance cans. The first choice was the PX 200i, based on reviews, my budget, and music preferences (ABHH).However more study...
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