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    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    Farting in from this account for the first time in ages. Great to see a bunch of you from WAY back online, especially folks I haven't seen at the various CanJams over the years. Hope everyone is doing well amidst the pandemic, but at least we've all had plenty of nice headphones to see us...
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    Focal Elear and Utopia Review / Preview With Measurements - Head-Fi TV

      Thanks, @warrenpchi!  As ever, @jude is one of the first with our new stands in his hands, and thanks for putting on display in this video!   We've got some cool stuff coming soon just for the Head-Fi community!  For now, check out our stands at!   I hope to be at the...
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    Review: Hifiman HE-6/EF-6: An Elite Headphone System, Under One Roof

      The EF-6 is a single-ended amp.  The XLR outputs a single-ended signal. The HE-6 stock cable has an XLR termination, with a 1/4" adapter, so I would think that the amp has both outputs as a convenience.
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    Hifiman HE1000 Planar Dynamic Headphone

    Possibly, however, that goes for both amps involved. Also, even if a tube change would have say equalized the microdetail, the comparison still says quite a bit about the potential of the HE1000.
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    Hifiman HE1000 Planar Dynamic Headphone

    Other half of the HE1000 / 009 comparison chiming in!           Having listened to the HE1000 several times at CES, I knew the headphone was going to be a strong contender near the top end of the food chain. It had the dynamic, palpable bass of other top planar magnetic headphones...
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    Post Your Photography Here #2

    A few  of my recently posted photos from a Grand Canyon trip in January:        
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    Headamp Pico Power Impressions Thread

      HeadAmp is very much still around.
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    Hifiman HE1000 Planar Dynamic Headphone

      Great summary, Jude, very much spot on to what I was hearing as well.     I'd say based on my auditions of both, that the HE1000 is a much better performing headphone than the Abyss, whose price is more of a marketing tactic than anything having to do with its' actual performance.  ...
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    HeadAmp Headphone Demos -- Sign up now for HiFiMAN HE-560

    UPDATE: First post below shown with members in order of participation   Quote:
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    The dock lives!       Just waiting for the Windows USB driver to do away with the V-link.   Otherwise, it's working well with the 1.085 firmware.
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    Official 2014 SoCal Head-Fi Meet, March 22, 2014, Westin South Coast Plaza

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow, packing up now!
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    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

      I'm posting an in-depth review of the 901 soon, but the TLDR version as far as the amp card goes is that it's a significant upgrade, better control of the drivers across the spectrum, more balanced frequency response, and a more open presentation.  The standard amp card isn't bad, in fact, I...
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    Embracing the Community: Mike Dias is now Sales Director for Ultimate Ears

    Glad to hear it, Mike!   I remember that first meet you mentioned, oh my, what a time that was!
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    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Finally managed to squeeze some shooting time into my currently hurried schedule, and managed to come back with this one: