Ira Delphic
I am not a certified audiophile but love listening to music and the gear that goes along with it.
Adventure travel - urban and remote locations, hiking, and biking.
Headphone Inventory

Favourite Earbuds
TY Hi-Z HP-650
FAAEAL Snow-lotus 1.0+ 64 Ohm Commemorative Edition
2017 New NICEHCK DIY Graphene Earbud
2017 NICEHCK DIY PK2 (black - two piece cable)
2017 NICEHCK DIY PK2 (silver cable)
2017 New NICEHCK EB200 Earbud In Ear Earphone 200 ohms
Yincrow X6
Monk + (standard black and 1 button mic)
**** PT15
Philips SHE3800 (recabled with KZ iem cable/jack)
Sony 808+

Just OK
**** EPK1
Sennheiser MX 680 Adidas Sports - volume control, two section cord, waterproof. Great for rainy days
K's 64 silver/white cable - longest earbud cable in the universe
Blox B160 - gifted

Over Ear:
Donscorpio Dolphin - stellar sound quality and very comfortable over-ear! Penon is the best source.
1More Over-Ear Headphones (wired) - on ear, barely. Android controls work well. Fun V shaped sound, an excellent value at around $50.

On Ear:
V-Moda XS - fine SQ, but I prefer over ear most of the time
Source Inventory
LG V30


The perfect is the enemy of the good. Player: LG V30 and Poweramp
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