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    HELP connecting Xonar Essence STX with Solo 6C & a Subwoofer

    I live in the UK and my budget is about £100   thank you, 
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    Help purchasing a sound system/computer speakers for PC

    Can you recommend me a decent set of stereo speakers under £100, together with an Amp, Oh and also any decent Subs going?  the sub and Amp can be outside the £100 total budget as I may get these at a later date.   Thank You!!
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    Turtle Beach DSS PLIIX or DD?

    ok thank you! I think dolby headphone mode is the best to use :S!! ill do some testing, cheers!
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    Turtle Beach DSS PLIIX or DD?

    i have the hd 595
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    Turtle Beach DSS PLIIX or DD?

    sorry noob question. just bought the turtle beach dss. should i set it to DD or PLIIX for better surround sound in stereo headphones? i can only set it to PLIIX if i set the audio settings on the xbox to stereo.
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    3.5mm F to 1/4" M Adapter for Use with a Headset

    just buy the adapter u need and it will work   check ebay
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    Just got my new HD595! HELP - Static Noise

    Hi there   just got my new Sennheiser HD595, now theyr really good, i also h ave the Xonar Essence STX.   now ive set the impedance on normal gain as the HD595 just need 50 ohmz.   my settings in asio are: bitdepth: 32 bit latency: 1ms   Ive set everythin to play at 44.1khz...
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    The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

    hey guys, i have this card, in the asio control options what should i set the latency to ?
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    HELP Audio Problems!! When CPU at 100%

    ok i have narrowed it down that it happens alot when i play music with higher kbps.   its actuallly not happening that often now? my soundcard is relatively new
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    HELP Audio Problems!! When CPU at 100%

    Hey guys,   I have a Xonar Essence STX connected to a DTT3500 amp which gives me my 5.1 surround, am really happy with this at the moment.   recently I overclocked my 1090t to 4GHZ and everything is stable and there is nothing wrong with my sound at all.   But when i run Prime95 to...
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    Astro Mixamp with Sennheiser HD600?

    Hi there.   am about to make the plunge to buy a pair of HD600's, I was wondering how these headphones perform with music genres such as, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Rap, Dubstep. Am not a bass head i want to hear the bass but i dont want it to thump really loud I have a subwoofer for that :P...
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    LCD-2, LCD-3, Owners and the Music They Love...

    dark step  
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    The best of the best...

    win the lottery