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    Bought a matrix m-stage and audinst hud-mx1 from David. Smooth transaction and super fast shipping, highly rated. 
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    Best package/deal under $650?

    You should be able to get a K702, a Audinst HUD-mx1 DAC and a Matrix m-stage amp all for under 650, a package hard to beat in that price range. You could also save some coin in the short run by omitting the m-stage and using the audinst's built-in amp and then upgrading it later.
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    Audinst HUD-mx1: does it make sense to upgrade its power supply?

    How can one build a tread psu now that it appears that the kit and pcb are no longer being offered by tangentsoft? Does anyone know of anyone building/selling this psu in either kit or complete form? Does anyone have experience making one specifically for the hud-mx1?
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    WTB: Audinst HUD-mx1

    Is this such a good unit that no one has one they want to sell!?
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