Head Gear Reviews by Inks
  1. VSONIC GR07

    4.00 star(s)
        Intro   GR07, Vsonic's statement in the IEM world. Featuring a Sony-licensed 11mm bio-cellulose driver, it was unlike anything out in the market. IEM's have come and gone, upon release many get hyped and overrated, but loose their sparkle over time. GR07 has proven to be able to withstand time, because it is simply a great product. At this time, despite the VC1000, GR07 is still considered the flagship product and has been mentioned to be the most proud achievement by Vsonic's CEO [interview linked on the bottom]. Time has passed and after the...
  2. OSTRY KC06 High Fidelity Stereo Inner-Ear Earphones

    3.50 star(s)
       Intro This is an IEM that caught Head-fi by storm. Featuring a single 10mm high-bandwidth dynamic, using two patented technologies, Ostry made quite the statement. A company that was otherwise unknown before, actually had quite the experience in creating drivers [over 20 years!], likely for other companies as an OEM. They finally decided to release their own products and while I don't necessarily know the patents involved, I have read that the driver in these carry principles from a moving-iron transducer. This IEM leads the way at it's 60-65$...
  3. TTPOD T1-E High Definition Dual Dynamic Professional In-ear Earphone

    2.50 star(s)
    Intro  While some may recommend  budget $20 IEMs like Xiaomi Pistons or the 8$ Monoprice 9927, I have found 30-40$ to be the sweetspot if wanting to spend little as cash possible for something good.  Such price gets you an IEM like this one, which not only has a great sound for it's price, it is well rounded in construction, ergonomics and isolation. In this price range, the only other IEMs I could think of that are on par in sound, are Sony MH1, SteelSeries Flux IE and ZA Tenore [this price range also seems to the home of the microdrivers]. But it's...
  4. JVC HA-FX850

    4.00 star(s)
      Introduction      Having had extensive experience with the previous Wood series of JVC, FX500 and FX700, I was exited to see what the company had planned for this next iteration. They introduced FX650 to replace the FX500 and FX750 to replace the FX700, in addition to announcing the new flagship, FX850. Thanks to user James444, I was able to hear all 3 IEMs of this new series, while still having in possession an FX500. The FX850 garners the spotlight as the flagship and proves that JVC is moving in the right direction for the reasons followed.  ...