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    Like New Powerbeats 3

    i honestly think this is one of the best Iems I've ever heard and I've heard over 100 of them. Just prefer the bassier sound and convenience of my airpods. Like new barely used with alll accessories and packaging
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    JVC FX850 / JVC FX750 / Trinity Delta V2 / Sony SBH80 / Tenore

    FX850: SOLD FX750: SOLD Delta v2: 65$ SBH80: 45$ Tenore: 25$ Looking for quick sales so pm me if interested. 10$ off if two or more are bought together. Add paypal fee or pay via gift. No trades! FX850: packaging included but few accesories, only spirals in medium and leather case. Will...
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    LG Quadbeat 3 Impressions Thread

    SE215 doesn't compare to the QB3 it's a muddy mess in comparison
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    LG V10 : New ESS Chipped Flagship Android Phone from LG

    I think buying a impedance adapter like this one Will help trigger the amp, until a workaround is figured out
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    LG Quadbeat 3 Impressions Thread

    Well the GR07 is a bit more lower midrange clearer but the QB3 is more airy and its treble a lot more even. Not only that but instrument separation is better on the QB3. GR07BEs bass is tighter but I like the subbass on the QB3
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    LG Quadbeat 3 Impressions Thread

    I'll disagree based on comparing the GR07BE and QB3
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    LG Quadbeat 3 Impressions Thread

    Quadbeat 3 tuned by AKG is now sold on eBay! Considering how impressed I've been with the regular version, I recommend these. fact I prefer it slightly more than the Titan 1 should say something.
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    LG-V10 Hi-Fi audio quality review on serious audio performance

    People are driving the 250ohm Q701 no problem with volume to spare...
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    Just announced: HTC one A9 - audiophile smartphone?

    Actually phone arena tested it and it doesn't get any louder than iPhones, so it's not a powerful amp.
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    LG Quadbeat 3 Impressions Thread

    Nice work! So apparently it's the same as the old but with less subbass and a bit more midbass. That's exactly what shotgunshane was looking for! Lol
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    LG Quadbeat 3 Impressions Thread

    Quadbeat 3 is already impressive, wondering what they will do. Likely it will follow the Olive Welti curve as the Harmon Kardon tuned LG HBS900 did. I saw this color first in a video as it apparently is included with the new LG V10.
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    Best Single Driver IEM

    nope can't do low bass and misses a wee bit of high treble 
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    Flare Audio R2PRO Kickstarter campaign

    microdrivers are hard to drive in general