Healthy sheen, wet nose.
Collecting CDs and records, drawing comics, guitar hero, fiddling with real guitars and Korg DS-10
Drawing. Spicy Food. Coffee. Korg DS-10. Vidja Games. Books. Records on vinyl. But, mostly, keeping it real. This is done mainly through a variety of esoteric handshakes, like the respeck knuckles, and sometimes 'blowing it up'.
Headphone Inventory
Audio Technica ATH-AD900
Audio Technica ATH-M50
Grado SR125
Klipsch S4
Panasonic RP-HTX7
Sennheiser PX-100
Audio Technica ATH-2
Audio Technica ATH-SJ5
Fostex T40 (MkI)
Koss KSC 75
Koss KSC 35
Sony MDR-7502
Headphone Amp Inventory
Fiio E10
Source Inventory
Thorens TD165 turntable w/ Shure M97Xe cart and a Pioneer SX828 receiver
Sansa Fuze w/ Rockbox
iPod 5G w/ Rockbox
Iaudio U2
Panasonic SL-CT710 CD player
Other Audio Equipment
All the Korg Monotrons. Korg DS-10. Behringer Eurorack UB802
Music Preferences
avantgarde, black metal, indie rock, krautrock, drone, ambient, drone metal, doom metal, stoner metal, IDM, minimal techno, harsh noise, power electronics, synthpop. Any genre that is 'blackened'.
fountain pens, my typewriter, my phone, my DSi XL
Art for Video Games


--J Kantz, Inkmo