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    New headphone

    Hi all! I am used to closed back headphones. I really LOVED the AKG K550 despite it's bad seal. It always had a magical sound to my (untrained) ears. I am now looking for an open headphone though. My budget is max 400 euros (this is stretching a lot) but if there is a headphone that is 150 or...
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    BEST BUDGET EARPHONES THREAD- Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing+PERSONAL RANKING LIST

    Hey there. I just stumbled upon the magic of budget IEM's on Aliexpress, and I want to start trying an IEM. Unfortunately, my left ear has an extra cavity because of an operation, so I feel like IEMs are not for me but I want to try anyway with a budget one. When for headphones, I like neutral...
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    Question about which headphones

    It was a long time ago. I got my money back but I didn't want to risk getting another pair. How do you like the AKG K371 vs the HP150's? I do really like the sound signature of the HP150's! :)
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    How to go from here? (Had AKG K553 Pro)

    What kind of DAC-HPamp would you get? I don't want to spend too much.
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    How to go from here? (Had AKG K553 Pro)

    This would be a good idea. But the headphone is not amplified enough on my phone, and my k553 pro is still, unfortunately, broken. I just tried it. But I can't use it for long periods of time.
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    [Review] Brainwavz HM5, A New Neutral Champ

    Hey, I was wondering if someone here had heard the AKG K550 (or K553 pro or K550 MK2's) and can compare these? Thanks! 
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    Closed headphone as companion to 7xx?

    Sorry if hijacking a comment is not allowed, but did you have heard the AKG K550? If so, could you compare the HP150 against it?
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    SoundMAGIC HP100/HP150 Review and Impressions Thread

    Hello, I was wondering for the people that heard / owned / tested the AKG K550, which headphone would have a cooler sound signature. The AKG K550 or the HP150? 
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    Shure SRH1540 Review

    Hey there! I was wondering if I like the cold signature of The AKG K550, would I like the Sound of The 1540? I had the SRH 840 but disliked the Sound immensely. I am wanting to Go for anothet k550 or this one.
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    The AKG K550 Impressions and Discussion Thread!

    I will first just get the headphone, and see how that goes. If I really like the sound, and I have some more money to spend, I will probably get the first one you mentioned. I am an Android user.
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    The AKG K550 Impressions and Discussion Thread!

    I firstly admire your ability of discussing in a friendly manner, Rainmaker and Rockstar! With that said, I am going to check up on the HP150 forum, to double make sure I am getting the right headphone. Get that this is not disrespecting your advice. Thanks again!    EDIT: nevermind, I go for...
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    Looking for a new headphone

    I am not that good at figuring out things like that. I know that I liked the sound the K550 offered, can't get it here anymore, unfortunately. If I like the cool sound of the K550, would the HP150 be adding to that sound or taking that away a bit? And the K545, do you know something about that?
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    Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

    Just a question. Does $400 has the same value for americans, as €400 has for europeans? I am asking this because people say that for $400 this headphone is quite good value. (Some people say that). But when Americans earn more than europeans (in regard to eur or dollar), then it is different. 
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    Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

    HifiGuy, sorry this is a bit offtopic and I have no answer to your question (although the people that heard the DJ Kaled version found the bass kind of muddy), but which sound do you prefer? The K845 or the H6? I know you tried them both in your portable videos.