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    Why Have K701 Jumped $100 in Price???

    Perhaps the increased radiation in the air due to the earthquake in Japan enhances sound waves and makes the headphones sound about $100 better.
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    Being a student audiophile...

    Living in the Bay Area allows me to buy headphones and Craigslist them to break pretty close to even.  Bought AD700's on Amazon in 2009 for $84, since they were over $100 on Amazon recently I was able to sell mine for $80 on CL.  Bought my DT770's in late 2009 for $160, sold on CL for $150 a...
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    What happened to Grado's reputation?

    Remember how Grados suck
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    Sennheiser HD 598, starting to crack.

    I usually swear by headphones made in Germany/Austria/etc. so this is quite disappointing.  The HD555 has been out for 5+ years, c'mon Sennheiser get your sht together.
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    Poll: Is gaming a waste of time?

    Depends on the game.  Most console gaming I'd say is hokai.  But once you delve into MMO addiction (which is a very real and scary thing,) gaming becomes a royal waste of time.  I won't go into it unless you want me to, but MMOs can really f your s up.
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    Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0

      $199 on Amazon Lightning Deals.   And it wasn't even an impulse buy as I just was about to buy one on eBay anyway :)
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    Will I find happiness in the DT880 (250ohm)

    Thanks for the informative post.  The DT880 actually sounds very good then, I forgot to mention that I bought a huge subwoofer this summer which will take care of my bass needs in absence of the DT770 .  And yea, one of the appealing things about the DT880 to me is that it seems like a little...
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    Will I find happiness in the DT880 (250ohm)

    Right now I got a pair of AD700's and DT770/80's going on, mainly using the DT770's for trance, and AD700's for metal and everything else.  I've been pondering selling both and just getting the DT880.  Would this be a good upgrade choice, or would there be no difference? (i.e do you consider it...
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    Standard of cheating depressingly low in undergraduates

    I have saved all of my essays since my freshman year of college.  Last quarter, I was taking a class for GE credit that was similar to a class I've already taken, and was assigned as essay topic similar to one I've already written.  So I brought out the old essay I wrote years ago and removed a...
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    Justin Bieber

    I can understand junior high/high school kids hating on Justin Bieber, but seeing grown adults jump on the bandwagon is always a sad sight to see.  (Not referring to anyone ITT, but from what I've seen elsewhere.)
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    AKG Q702

    Oh nevermind there's already a thread.
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    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    Quote: It is actually not a crystal back.  Mineral crystal as well so I'll have to be careful.  
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