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    FS: Brand New Sealed AKG K3003i (FINAL PRICE DROP)

    SOLD!   Farewell Head-Fi... till next time... 
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    FS: Ultrasone PRO 750 Closed-Back

    As per my own impressions, the 900's are more v-shaped, and I found the mids far too recessed for my liking, while the bass and treble boasts even more emphasis than the 750. For this very reason, I've personally always preferred these to my 900's, as I personally find it more suitable for...
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    FS: Ultrasone PRO 750 Closed-Back

      Still waiting for the K3003i (and ONLY the K3003i) to sell, after which I'll begin my slow walk on the plank. 
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    FS: Ultrasone PRO 750 Closed-Back

    Excellent condition, in box, with all original accessories (as is shown). The spare set of ear pads have never been used.   The reason I've decided to part with these is because I'm moved onto a more portable solution (DT 1350), and there's no use in letting these remain on the shelf. Simply...
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    UM Global Deal - The lucky 25 (All slots filled so please stop PM'n me to join)

      Don't forget to heat it at 100 degrees for exactly 7 minutes. It'll save you the trouble of having to "burn" them in.   EDIT: that's a joke, for you gullible folks out there. 
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    FS: Brand New AmpCity Fortis (Silver) Cable

    Brand new, never once used. Same as is sold here. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees within the US. I'm also willing to ship internationally, at buyer's expense of course.   PM me if interested. Thank you. 
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    L@@KIE HERE!!! ORTOFON EQ-5 Complete with box and all accessories

    Though I no longer actively contribute to Head-Fi, this one deserves a bump. Freefallr is a very dear friend, and I'd trust him with my own medicine cabinet!   Hope you find yourself a buyer soon! Considering the e-Q5's performance, anything below $200 is a bargain as far as I'm concerned. jm2c
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    FS: q-Jays, RE252, BA-100 (& MORE)

      No problem. Feel free to reach me anytime at
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    Goodbye Head-Fi...

    That statement has been there for as far back as I can remember. But that was then, and this is now, my dear friend. You do the same. 
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    FS: q-Jays, RE252, BA-100 (& MORE)

    Before I bid Head-Fi adieu, I'll be selling off all IEM's in my possession, including the UM Miracle and K3003, among many others. Prices are as follows, and include both Paypal fees, as well as shipping fees within the US:   q-Jays - $145: In box, with original accessories. White version...
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    AKG K3003 High End 3 Way System Headphone

    The way I see it, bottom line, if you have the means, then by all means , the K3003 won't disappoint. Else, pay no mind, and simply move on...  
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    Sennheiser IE80's Impressions Thread

    Likewise. I too felt the EX100 (and subsequently, the EX600) offer a very unique out of head eperience, that I've yet to experience with another universal.