Head Gear Reviews by HuoYuanJia

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  2. final A8000

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    The review was originally posted here first: https://www.klauseulenbach.de/2020/05/28/flavor-of-the-month-final-a8000/
  3. beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO

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    About me: I bought the beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO from Amazon.de out of curiosity only. I have many years of experience with headphones and audio in general. I am a former MOT for a CIEM manufacturer and I also used to write reviews for Headfonics.com. Currently I support my friends' very ambitious German audio blog over at Headflux.de. MONITORING ON A BUDGET The DT 240 PRO by beyerdynamic (short: BYR) are fairly new closed-back headphones for studio and monitoring purposes. Compared to their larger models like the DT 770, the DT 240 are aimed at...