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    Anyone tried the Avid Acutus turntables?

    I use an Avid Acutus with SME V and Benz Micro LP. The Avid is an excellent table. It sounds very smooth, although I have not had much chance to compare it directly with the same equipment to other tables. It is superbly built and very compact and easy to set up. Highly recommended.
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    Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)

    Quote: Originally Posted by HeadLover Can guys that post here photos, also describe what we are seeing? what parts and so on? Sorry. Mcintosh Mc2000 Power amp, Accuphase DP 700 SACD Player, Nagra PLL Pre amp, Nagra VPS Phono stage, Avid Acutus TT + SMEV tonearm, RGPC 1200 power...
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    List of High-End Analog Source Owners on Head-Fi

    Since I answered the digital list it would be rude of me to not to list my analog front end. Avid Acutus with SME V and Denon cart. howie
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    List of High-End Digital Source Owners on Head-Fi

    I use an Accuphase DP 700.
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    Goldmund V.S. Pioneer !!??

    Quote: Originally Posted by morphsci Thank you. I appreciate the honesty. You may want to don your Flac jacket now. I'm sure people will not be offended at my comments
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    Goldmund V.S. Pioneer !!??

    Quote: Originally Posted by morphsci Please answer my question, who on this thread has heard the Goldmund and Pioneer? I have. The Goldmund sounds much better. No, I don't want to defend its innards but I heard these way before this was an issue and they sound like players...
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    Goldmund V.S. Pioneer !!??

    An interesting take on Goldmund YouTube - Ultimate Home Theater: 13,000 Watts, 130dB, $1 Million Price
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    Lack of Digital Inputs on One-Box CDP's

    Try the following; Meridian 808.2i Burmester 061 / 001 Mark Levinson 390S Accuphase (all!) Lindemann 820S Audio Aero Capitole / Prestige SE
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    New Esoteric P-05/D-05

    Quote: Originally Posted by Elephas I think the P-05/D-05 is better than the Accuphase DP-500 or Chord DAC64, playing Redbook CDs. The gap is even greater with SACDs. Over here (Hong Kong) P-05/ D-05 is almost 3 times more expensive than the DP500 and 3.5 times more expensive...
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    Hotel sound system

    How about a Hard drive connected to a Sonos System?
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    New Esoteric P-05/D-05

    The P-01 VRDS is unique to the P-01. Even the P-03 and X-01 use a different less robust but still pretty brutal version. The DCS one is not the top VRDS version either. The P-05 is even lower down the tree than the P-03 X-01 versions and Wadia does not use VRDS anymore. They have...
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    Meridian 808i owners

    Welly, I heard the 808 was being replaced / upgraded in December 07. That is what my dealer told me as he knows I have been looking at it for a while. He told me to wait. Do you know anything about this?? howie
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    New Esoteric P-05/D-05

    I heard the P05 and D05 a few months ago at a dealer and A/B it with a X-01 unlimited. Same detailed and analytical esoteric sound signature. You get a lot of box for your money there. The transport didn't seem as robust or high quality in the P05 if I remember correctly. Not sure about the...
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    Which balanced CDP should I get?

    Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda what about the MCD201. the only complaint i have read about it - and this is from a few users, not reviewers - is that if you are sitting too close to it, sometimes you can hear the transport, as it reads the disc at 4x times normal speed. with my...