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    Comment by 'Homrsimson' on listing 'Stabilized Vérité Closed w/ Crescent Strap'

    I’ve got one listed fyi, no crescent strap but can be replaced easily (this is also a lightweight set)
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    Feedback by 'Homrsimson' on listing 'SVS SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cables (Pair, 10 foot)'

    Wonderful seller, highly recommend! Super pleasant transaction
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    Feedback by 'Homrsimson' on listing 'WTB Oriolus Traillii'

    Great buyer and super pleasant transaction. Highly recommend!
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    Feedback by 'Homrsimson' on listing 'PW Audio First Times shielded version'

    Wonderful seller, one of the best you’ll find here. Highly highly recommended!
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    Feedback by 'Homrsimson' on listing 'Pristine wywires platinum 4ft hd800 cable, 3.5mm termination'

    Wonderful buyer and very pleasant transaction! Highly highly recommend!
  6. Verite Closed Green stabilized 4 pad bundle! one of a kind set with OFC cable (optional moon audio silver xlr cable) This is the most gorgeous ZMF set I’ve owned, my photography skills leave a lot to be desired and these don’t really capture how gorgeous of a set these are. Minimal hours as I find myself using TOTL Iems more often, really a like new set. Comes with 4 sets of...
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    Aroma audio product impressions.

    If anybody has a PW Aufio First Time they’re willing to loan (or unload for a good price), I’m looking to give it a go with the jewel I have incoming this week :)
  8. PW Audio First Times shielded version

    In case anyone is looking to sell. Thanks head-fi :). Looking for 2 pin 4.4 balanced. I have a couple gold (dr juggles) and a gold/silver hybrid (rhapsodio 2.98) in the same configuration that I would trade plus some cash if anyone wants to cable roll. Thanks head-fi.
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    Aroma audio product impressions.

    If anyone decides they want to move their jewel, would be interested in trying :)
  10. ZMF pads in mint condition

    Selling 2 sets of pads in mint condition Eikon suede (with bonus third pad from another set) - 55 Universal lamb - 45 Buy all 3 for $90 F&F, I’ll cover shipping