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    Why buy a Macbook?

    If you claim to be a huge power user why the heck are you on windows instead of flavors of linux? /confused
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    New portable amp

    I have tried the shadow, rx, among many others. I was suppose to go to canjam! But the fact I am about to graduate and some other things came up so now I am not going. I think I am going to go the buy and try route. Buy the most appealing amp and if it doesn't satisfy me I will sell at a minimal...
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    New portable amp

    Yeah I have my imod so it should be pretty wild. I was absolutely in love with the Rx but I may have to give the protector a try before it. Worse comes to worse I can sell the protector if it isn't for me.   Brad
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    New portable amp

    Yeah I am very good friends with Craig (I have bought a lot of stuff from him and he has bought some stuff from me too :P) so I am sure it will be extremely easy. Soup can you please give me a brief summation of the sq of the protector in comparison with the shadow or any of the current line of...
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    Ogg vorbis

    So would v0 be considered better then v2?
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    Ogg vorbis

    Can someone briefly explain to me how v0, v1, v2 compare? I never used ogg but I need to have the knowledge for a friend and I can't find information on which is better then the other and whatnot. I know Ogg uses vbr instead of cbr which is a more optimal way of compressing the file.
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    Mac audio client's

    Hey everyone I have tried the following client for audio playback on my mac: Itunes Songbird Play While all are nice in different ways I am not really happy with any of them due to different bugs/issues. Can anyone suggest me to some other programs?
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    TWag stranded UP-OCC silver wire - Whoa!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Audio Addict It may be just coincidence but with both Craig and Lee having the Apache, how fantastic the TWag sounds with the Apache.!!!!!!! yes Craig is part of the reason I picked the apache in the first place among jude and others saying it was the...
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    TWag stranded UP-OCC silver wire - Whoa!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Audio Addict The phono cable came in today. Nice construction. I have the same cable for my diverter it really is nicely made
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    post pics of your headphone set up and listening area

    Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis Clean looking bedside rig! Can't imagine how it sounds with balanced JH13's. Yeah I use to keep my stuff on my desk near my desktop but I really prefer to have it next to my bed so I can lay down and relax and not have to sit in a computer...
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    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    I have picollino and TWag and the TWag is pretty much a perfect upgrade for the 13's it adds clarity and impact and just shines. A lot of people have spoken about it in the whiplash subforum.
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    JH 13 Lacking Bass, Disappointed, How to fix

    Quote: Originally Posted by Dannyboyni Hello, I have just purchased Some JH 13 pro in ear monitors to replace my Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10. I am currently using my monitors through a iriver h 140. I have noticed the wider sound stage on my JH 13, but it lacks the boom of bass I...
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    TWag stranded UP-OCC silver wire - Whoa!!

    I have the carbon xlr's and man what a nicely made connector!
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    2010 Vancouver Olympics: Controversy Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by MomijiTMO The Australian should have won. Home judge was biased! Yeah... I hate sports where there is judging. You can question too many things. Agreed. I prefer sport where subjectiveness do not come into play and rules are followed and scoring...
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    2010 Winter Olympics - do you care?

    Quote: Originally Posted by freakydrew The 2010 Winter Olympics start tomorrow. My impression is Team USA is weak, NBC is losing over $150 million and Americans simply don't care about these games. The opposite, IMHO, is the case in Canada, we are for once expected to dominate the...