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    Fs akg k702

    I have answered all relevant pm's. To clarify as of right now I am not accepting trades and would like to keep the buyer within north america. I am also only taking payments via paypal.     Thanks for all the pm's
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    New portable amp

    Well I am in the market for a new portable amp for my k702's and jh-13's...I had a rx in the past and I loved it but I want to here from you guys if there any other alternatives that I should look into besides the pico slim and the protector
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    FS/FT:Sonicweld Diverter

    I have a sonicweld diverter that I am looking to sell off as part of my transition back into the portable realm. The unit is in mint condition. I have a usb cable as well as coax cable from Whiplash that I can include so you can hook the unit directly into your rig if you desire. While I am...
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    FS/FT:Lavry Da-11

    In a continuation of trying to head back into the portable realm I am going to let go of this amazing dac. It is in mint condition with no seeable scratches or blemishes. I am mainly looking to sell this so I can buy a desktop but I will consider a good trade as well. Please pm me with any...
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    FS/FT: A collection of TWag balanced ic's

    I am looking to sell 2 1ft long 3 pin xlr ic's with Craig's special carbon fiber connectors with approximately 75 hours of use on them. I am accepting all offers so if you are interested or just want a few pictures please shoot me a pm.     Additionally I am selling a 64" 2 X 3 pin xlr...
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    Ogg vorbis

    I am talking bit rates wise but thanks for the help krmathis
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    Ogg vorbis

    So would v0 be considered better then v2?
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    Ogg vorbis

    Can someone briefly explain to me how v0, v1, v2 compare? I never used ogg but I need to have the knowledge for a friend and I can't find information on which is better then the other and whatnot. I know Ogg uses vbr instead of cbr which is a more optimal way of compressing the file.
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    Mac audio client's

    Hey everyone I have tried the following client for audio playback on my mac: Itunes Songbird Play While all are nice in different ways I am not really happy with any of them due to different bugs/issues. Can anyone suggest me to some other programs?
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    Great news...Now accepting Credit Cards!!

    Woot Craig that is great. I try to avoid using paypal as hard as possible .
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    TWag stranded UP-OCC silver wire - Whoa!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Audio Addict It may be just coincidence but with both Craig and Lee having the Apache, how fantastic the TWag sounds with the Apache.!!!!!!! yes Craig is part of the reason I picked the apache in the first place among jude and others saying it was the...
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    TWag stranded UP-OCC silver wire - Whoa!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Audio Addict The phono cable came in today. Nice construction. I have the same cable for my diverter it really is nicely made
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    TWag stranded UP-OCC silver wire - Whoa!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by jc9394 No problem at all, it still looks nice. The fact is I probably never notice the difference once I put my JH13 in my ear. All I care is as long as it sound good, which it will since I'm extremely happy with TWag LOD and TWag SE cable. Yeah my...