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    Top Ten Amps

    No Corda HA-2 or PreHead in here? Just surprised a little.
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    Pearl Jam's VS album.

    I haven't really noticed this, but I will take a listen later. What exactly makes you think this is true?
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    All Ipod Users

    The other day something rather unfortunate happened: my hard drive containing all of my mp3s suddenly went dead and needless to say, all my mp3s are now gone. From my computer at least. I have them all on my Ipod, but that damn Steve Jobs won't let me download them from the Ipod back to my new...
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    coffee gadgets...

    Quote: Originally Posted by SiBurning 5 lbs? I hope you either roast it yourself or drink it by the gallon. Roasted coffee starts to lose it in a few weeks. I'm still hoping to find a convenient place to get fresh roasted coffee beans, but it's hard to find them. I hear occasional...
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    Apartment advice needed near Yonkers/Newark

    Quote: Originally Posted by flashnolan Thank you for your advice. I am the kind of person that does not mind living in the city. One particular apartment I found in Newark does not have bars on the windows so I am not too worried. Tell me where in Newark the apartment is, and...
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    Apartment advice needed near Yonkers/Newark

    The only area in Newark I would say is ok is the Ironbound. Having said that, the commute from Newark to Mahwah would be a real pain in the neck. I would definately look around Mahwah itself. Mahwah and the surrounding area is relatively quiet, very safe, and even a little picturesque (Not Grand...
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    Apartment advice needed near Yonkers/Newark

    If you need to be able to commute to Mahwah, I'd look for something west of the Hudson River. Is there any reason why you are looking at Yonkers? In order to get to Mahwah from Yonkers, you have to take the Tappan Zee Bridge which is not all that direct. Living closer to Mahwah either in NJ or...
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    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by spacecoyote Circle, Rt 31 South, Pennington, Mercer County We were independent for 38 years and just got bought by the folks that own the Super Saver on Rt 22 near Bridgewater If you come to my store there are only two of us (I Dig A Pony) that really know...
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    What are some of the actions from other drivers that bother you

    Other than people ignoring their right of way signalling me to go, I would have to say that people who do not keep right except to pass piss me off the most. Many of the issues mentioned earlier would be reduced if people would just keep to the right and use the left lanes for passing only. Of...
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    Cycling shades: Rudy Project or Oakleys?

    I am pretty happy with my Half Jacket XLJs. I use them all the time for cycling. The interchangable lenses are great for the different situations and times of day that I ride.
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    Could anyone who remembers some pre-calculus please help me?

    Man, any of you guys that get to use calculators, open books, or notebooks on exams have it easy. There are very few classes in the math department in my school where you can use a calculator, and virturally none of them allow notes or open books. I went through Calc 1, 2 and 3 without a...
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    what are your other hobbies besides audio??

    In the summer I like to go mountain biking as much as possible. It doesn't have to be technical. All I need is a rough path, and some nice hills so I can get a good workout. I also hit the gym 4 times a week for lifting. Other hobbies include: Being a Yankees fan Watching movies of all kinds...
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    Just discovered My first gray hair....

    Be happy its gray instead of no hair! Recently, I have been noticing that my hair is slowly thinning. At first I was really worried about it, but it doesn't bother me too much anymore. I would still prefer that it was not happening, but I think I might beat nature to the punch and shave it...
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    Arc'teryx = Really Nice Jackets

    I don't have one of their jackets, but I have an internal frame pack. It is the most comfortable backpack that I have ever used. If the build quality of my backpack is representative of the rest of their products, I would say those jackets should be quite nice. I don't think I have actually seen...
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    Help me pick an lcd monitor

    Quote: Originally Posted by Entropism I love my Dell 2001FP. Dell has it now for $550 USD. It's 1600x1200 native, but if you select another resolution, it'll just give you a smaller picture, instead of making things look blurry. Oh, and I've NEVER seen a 19" LCD that's native...