Head Gear Reviews by HideousPride
  1. Eclipse TD-M1

    4.50 star(s)
      Note to the Reader This was a demo unit, part of a program organized by Todd the Vinyl Junkie. A big thanks to Todd for his generosity and allowing me a week to fool around with these little eyeballs in the comfort of my home.     Introduction   As someone who has barely started treading water into the ocean that is the world of speakers, I am not the most qualified reviewer of the Eclipse TD-M1 by a long shot. As a consumer who enjoys music and who has a fair grasp on what good sound sounds like, I can at least give you my honest opinion to...
  2. Noble Audio FR

    5.00 star(s)
    Disclaimer The FR is a review sample sent from Noble Audio. The reviewer was compensated in the form of a ridiculously cool and form-fitting Noble Audio shirt.     Introduction Despite humans having only a single pair of ears, many an audio enthusiast reading this review likely has more than one pair of headphones or IEMs. I myself am guilty of this. If pressed by family and friends as to my reasoning behind the madness, I point to a human fault I possess: whimsiness.    Sometimes I'm in a mood for a more analytical sound and want to strain to...
  3. Denon AH-D600

    4.00 star(s)
    Bought these used off the FS forums. I had been interested in these since release, but due to negative reviews did not think it was worth pulling the trigger when they sold for $500. At the price I purchased them at, I am quite happy with them. So long as you know what you're getting, I believe the D600 is a headphone that pleases.   The lower end has a very significant hump that can sound exceptional with certain recordings. I've heard details in the bass on certain songs that I never heard before because it is so audible on the D600s compared...