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    Does such a player exist?

    Looking for a new DAP. Are there any DAPs that have: - Small, etc not a pmp - Capacity does have to be too big, 2gb or bigger. - Video playback - Digital Output, tos-link, or coaxial so i can connect it to my Spitfire DAC at home. Have looked at iRivers H120, has digital output but no...
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    Pictures of your portable rig- Part V: Viva La Audio Revolution

    Thanks =) Used 24awg 19 stranded silver plated copper (SPC) in a litz braid and it sounds great really opens up the highs and mids of these lil things.
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    PMX100 / 200 Modding?

    Just wondering if any has recabled a pair of PMX 100 or 200s, if so are they easy to dismanttle? Or can someone with a pair see if they can be taken apart easily. thanks
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    CIAudio VDA-2 cheaper Alternatives?

    I have been looking around and it seems like the CIAudio VDA-2 is exactly what i need. It has a digital input (i only need 1 - coaxial) and dual analog outputs. Im just wondering are there any other DACs have have these input/outputs that are cheaper, looking at around 200 or less.
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    Need soundcard with 4x Analog outputs

    Quote: Originally Posted by JaGWiRE Wholy crap! I'm in the exact same situation. I have an m-audio rev 7.1, and need 4 analogue 3.5 mm 1/8" connections. 3 for my z-5500 logitech 5.1 surround sound speakers (green/black/orange), and one for my hd-595's. I am probably getting an creative...
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    Best Bang For a Buck Set-Ups =)

    Looking for an entirely new set up. My source will be from my comp with an M-Audio Revolution 7.1. AKG 701 WooAudio 3 Spitfire DAC Blue Dragon Coaxial and Interconnects $1280 AKG 701 Musical Fidelity X-Can V3 Spitfire DAC Blue Dragon Coaxial and Interconnects $1110 AKG...
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    Fubar II Worth it?

    I currently have a M-Audio Revoution 7.1 connected to my Cute encore to my DT880s. Im just wondering is it worth the money to get the Fubar II DAC. Is there a big enough difference for the price. thanks yall
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    DT880s What to do?

    Currently have a pair of DT880s powered by a Cute Encore Amp. Have been burt in and all. I find that the sound is a tad bright. But love the detail and soundstage, bass well about everything else. Though I'm looking for somthing warmer and more lush i think is the word. Should i be looking at...
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    Warm/Natural Cans Without amp

    Yhea i have heard the MS-1 really to colured for my tastes so maybe HDs? any other suggestions? thanks guys
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