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    Grados vs DT770/80

    x2 on amping the dt770 ...and I hate to say this, but just get both; I happen to prefer the MS1 to the sr125 though.
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    Where Do You Get Album Artwork

    wikipedia has lots of stuff,otherwise amazon or cdbaby etc..
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    its not really a fair question... Pablo Honey was when i fell in love with the band. HAIL TO THE THIEF!!!
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    Question for open-back headphone users

    my ms-1's leak like crazy... i was listening to some music in an empty room today and as it filled up i was sure everyone could here it even though the volume was set at a 'relatively' moderate level... I guess it did not help that I was screaming, "Blood, Sugar Baby!"
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    Best Portable Amp for ~$250

    I like my penguin caffeine ultra with dt770. price is right and it is really a quality product.
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    Too much soundstage?

    I have to agree with the folks who point out that large soundstage is nice for certain things and not others. I, like a couple of posters in this thread, love to listen to Grado/Alessandro HP's for rock music. It took my a while to get used to the soundstage of the DT770 when I first got them...
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    What is your favorite album from 1975?

    while all of these are great albums and I listen to them all, I would have to say the album from 1975 that I most listen to currently and would probably be my favorite at the moment is "The Mothership Connection" Parliment; if not "One Size Fits All" Zappa which is, of course, awesome.
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    Rock Box for 5.5g ipod Question

    I am sure this is a silly question, and I have a feeling I know the answer, but want to be sure. Does the rock box installation process remove all tracks currently on the ipod? I ask because my ipod is 80gb far exceeding my computers HD capacity and I do not want to have to rip my whole music...
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    New to high end... not a clue what I'm doing.

    I prefer the ms-1 to the sr-80/60 but the 225's are nice as well. I agree with earlier poster that you should defeinitely try the grado style for as long as you can before you buy (I love them, but some people find them really uncomfortable.) enjoy
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    Need headphone for a friend

    i also like the dt231 for your friend, unless you are willing to hit the dt770 but for good clear bass, listening to rock i'd go beyer...
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    In need of recommendations

    you chould check out some of the beyer closed headphones. The DT231 would not be bad as a first pair, they are closed and isolate fairly well given their size, which is nice if you carry them. The DT770/80 is my favorite closed can in your price range, and they are really comfortable. I must...
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    Reccomended headphones at REASONABLE PRICES!!

    MS-1, by Alessandro/Grado labs, IMO are the best $100 headphones around, but they are open and do bleed some sound. As far as closed I like the DT770/80 in the low end, but they may be hard to find in your price range...
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    Best closed for around $150? Considering DT 770...something else?

    go for the DT770 Pro/80 great closed cans for the price, you can find them new on ebay for 150... a quick note: they burn in a bit and really sound more neutral (still bass heavy, but not overpowering) after the first few hours (few is a relative term)...
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    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    as it happens i have been listening to my dt770's all day, even though i generally always listen to my MS-1's... thats what i get for trying to see the family for the holidays, gotto go with the closed phones
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    Post a Pic of the Album You Listen to Most Often

    got it in june and can't get it out of the regular rotation... perhaps perry's voice just reminds me too much of my younger days.