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    V-Moda Zn or Forza Metallo ? :D

    That's my experience... ZN is awesome;)
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    V-Moda Zn or Forza Metallo ? :D

    Yo mate! I bought me Zn two months ago or so. I LOVE them! The bass is awesome and you here everything what you should here. Every detail is there. They are perfect! Vmoda is #1 for design and sound. The cables are just beautiful and very strong. Cheers
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    V-Moda Zn or Forza Metallo ? :D

    Im not sure, but I think that Forza and Forza Metallo are the same only the case is made of metal... Forza (metallo) has 5.8 mm drivers and Zn 8mm So Zn will have way more punch! I haven't heard them, but I'm also at the same question right now
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    New V-Moda dude on head-fi!

    Hey guys! I'm 16 and come from Germany not far from Frankfurt, I started falling in love with headphones one year or so ago... I bought my first in ears... Sennheiser CX150 and the CX200 later, I liked them at first but its no good quality, both had wire problems after 3 months or so...
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    Why the Beats Hate?

    Since when is beats a cult? They are just hyped..!