Music, Reading, Texas Hold'em Poker
Reading, Movies, Texas Hold'em
Headphone Inventory
Dynamic: ATH W5000 (F5005/Phat Pad mod), UE Triple.fi 10 pro, Denon AH-C751, Senn HD595 (sold), KSC75 (kramer mod/AWN cable)
Electrostats: HeAudio Jade, Stax SR-007, Stax SR-5
Headphone Amp Inventory
Stax SRM-717, SRD7 mk2, SRD6sb, Rudistor NX-03 (sold), Darkvoice THA332, Go-vibe Petite
Source Inventory
Dell GX280, Metrum Octave, MHDT Paradisea+ (Bendix 6385, Mundorf SGO, V-Cap TFTF capacitors, Audio-gd OPA-Moon HDAM), M2Tech Hiface, ESI Waveterminal U24
Cable Inventory
Audio Synthesis SilverBlue pure silver interconnect, Special Homebrew Silver Signal Tape, Cardas Mini to Mini, Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway, Kimber PBJ, MAC Mystic, MAC Reference, Zu Libtec, Audioquest Sub3 with 48 DBS
Power-Related Components
Synergistic T2, Electraglide SOTU, Harmonic Tech "The Essence" Power Cords, PSAudio Duet power center, Van Evers Cleanlines jr. plc., Virtual Dynamics Master 2.0 Digital, My Audio Cables (MAC): Mystery, Reference, Shotgun, and MAC HC
Other Audio Equipment
Zu Druid MK IV/08 (Mundorf Silver Oil cap mod) with 2 JL Audio Fathom F110 subs, Thor Audio TA-1000 MK 2 tube preamp , Pass XA30.5 amplifier, AudioSynthesis Passion Ultimate Preamp, Proac Response 2 Speakers (2S drivers)
Audio-Related Tweaks
GIK room treatment, Black Diamond cone
Music Preferences
Jazz, Blues, Rock, Hip-Hop and Rap, Reggae, Dancehall, World Beat, Vocal, R&B, Neo Soul


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