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    Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

    Is Penon answering anyone's emails? I'm trying to return something to them for a few weeks now but getting no email back after filling out the return form on their site. Just curious if they are ignoring my request or it's a complete halt of their business due to coronavirus, if that's the case...
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    Top 5 daily IEM/Earbuds?

    In order of usage Blon 03 Fiio FH5 E4000 Samsung AKG earbuds ISN H40
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    FiiO FH1s-Knowles 33518 Balanced Armature,Balanced pressure relief technology,Friendly HiFi tuning for popular music

    How are the voices? Warm and natural or bit artificial and sibilant? Are the "s" consonants pronounced?
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    URBANFUN YBF-ISS014 Impressions thread

    Is the new version diffrent in sound than the old one?
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    JadeAudio EA3

    They sound like a cheap chi-fi IEM would've sounded a few years back, piercing and sibilant, you're better off buying the old ZS6 as it is more bearable. So many better options for the price, I see not reason to buy these.
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    ISN H40 impression thread.

    After 24 hours of burn-in I can not hear any noticeable difference. The bass still sounds small and one tone compared to some of the other sets I have. For example the drums on these two songs With the FH5 you can tell the size of the drums and each have a separate tonality and texture with...
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    BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

    I'm surprised the Samsung AKG earbuds that come with the Galaxy phones don't get more traction around here. I own way too many flavor of the month under $100 IEMs and the Samsung earbuds are still my go to for many things.
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    ISN H40 impression thread.

    Finally got my ISN H40. I've been listening to them for over three hours now, having used the FH5 earlier in the day before I got them I must say I'm not that impressed. To start, cable cutting sound on one channel so that goes into the garbage. Construction is OK but nowhere near as nice as the...
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    ISN H40 impression thread.

    Ah crap, so that's why mine was sitting at "Sender is preparing item for posting" for the past 3 days.
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    Final Audio Design Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Yep, that was the issue. Mesh bright white could swear it's clean. Dipped in some hydrogen peroxide and now it works.
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    Final Audio Design Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Well, after 1 year of light use my E4000 got a lot quieter in the right channel. Has anyone else experienced this? Tried different cables, different sources, swapped the channels around, placed them in a dry spot, nothing.
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    ISN H40 impression thread.

    Looks like H40 would be more on my liking. Curious about the bass quality though, is the larger 13mm better than the 9mm, or are they on the same level?
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    ISN H40 impression thread.

    Has anyone compared the H40 to DK2001? Which one would be better for metal with a bit of wow factor, especially in the drums?
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    Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

    The country is doing great, GDP is booming. It's people on the other hand, different story. Look up some stats on poverty compared to other developed nations.
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    BEST VALUE ''around 100-300$'' CHIFI & NEWCOMERS IEM with REFERENCE List (no BIG brands here)

    So what is the current champion in this price range? From all I've read it seems like the ISN H40 is a good contender.