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    Stockholm (Sweden) Mini Meet - Interest Check

    Hi! It's a great idea, but my family situation and location is very different compared to 10 years ago so I can probably not attend. If there is a meet and the stars align perfectly, than ... perhaps ... but can't count on it :/
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    The Leben CS300XS Thread

      I'm on 230 V and use Gold Lion EL84 reissue and the Sovtek 12AX7LPS.
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    The Leben CS300XS Thread

    The hum is very very quiet and nothing that bothers me at all (I'm not sure I really hear it at all even when I try). It was worse with Sylvania 5751 and did bother me then, better it's much better with the Sovtek 12AX7LPS I'm using now.
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    The Leben CS300XS Thread

    For the past years I've used the HD650 for 90%+ of the time and wonder if the Bottlehead Crack would be even better than the Leben for those. Have anyone here compared the Leben to the Crack with the HD650/HD600, what do you think about it?   It's not that I'm really missing anything but I'm...
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    The Leben CS300XS Thread

    Doh!It was a long time since I've read this page and saw now that there is page after page of "noise" talk without a perfect solution it seems.
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    The Leben CS300XS Thread

    Hi. I did anyone try to add a switch to change the resistor values? I have low level noise in the right channel with HD650/600 but it's completely silent with Grado RS1. The sound is excellent with the RS1 and I don't want to lose that, so I'm considering adding a switch. There is no good...
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    European made dacs

    And you can add Harmony Design from Sweden. I've not heard it unfortunately.
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    The Leben CS300XS Thread

    My Leben CS300 is up and running again. I think the original problem was due to lose tube sockets. That problem damaged one power tube and one preamp tube. I tightened the sockets and got one new power tube (matched with the other 3) and two new preamp tubes, and now it's alive and kicking!
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    [REVIEW] Head-Direct RE0 - a new contender for the best IEM

    Quote: That happened to both my earpieces. I just glued them together with some kind of super "strongest glue known to man" glue and it works perfect. I'm not planning to every open them up again though.    
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    Sound differences Spotify and iTunes

    It sounds to me like the volume out of spotify is greater than from my foobar ASIO or StealthAudioPlayer. That could be an explanation for the fuller sound.    I measured the first guitar pluck from Mark Knopfler "Sailing to Philadelphia" with my sound level meter, and the pluck was about...
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    How much have you spent (percentages)

    Main rig Headphones: 22% Amp: 48% Source: 14% Cables: <1% Other (power etc)15%
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    Portable Headphone Amp for ATH-W5000

    The W5000 must be one of the worst possible choices for portable audio, and even transportable audio. They don't sit very tight on the head, so can easily fall of if you move around. If you are going to use them at home only, I would recommend that you also look at home amps instead of only...
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    Take a look at this Grado graph!

    I've heard 1 MS2, 1 HF2 and 3 different RS1, and all of them sounded different. The three RS1 were very similar, but still had significant differences. At first, the MS2 and RS1 sounded almost identical, but after living with them both for a long while the differences were not hard to hear.  ...
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    Worst "high-end" equipment you've heard

    Quote: The W5000 is extremely sensitive to positioning on the head (orientation and pressure). I would absolutely not call them kings of neutrality, but I'm not hearing any of that bass rolloff. I agree with DavidMahler that they have have a nasal sound signature, which it shares with...
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    Are the Hifiman RE0 the same as the Head Direct RE0?

    Head Direct RE0 and Hifiman RE0 are the same thing. RE-ZERO is however not the same as RE0. The RE-ZERO is a limited edition of the RE0 which a slightly different sound signature. There are lot's written of both here on the forum.   EDIT: What they said.