Head Gear Reviews by hellfire8888
  1. 2017 New NICEHCK DIY MX500 PK1 Earbud

    4.00 star(s)
    About Me I will keep the intro short to keep it real. I am not a paid reviewer as I don’t get paid or any crap like that. I am not a professional reviewer so don’t expect fancy graph or any technical analysis at all. Hmmm then what the hell am I going to write? Well… I am going to give my own personal opinion on the earbud and hopefully it helps others in choosing their right earbud. My impression of the bud could be not accurate because everybody hears thing differently. If you are old and have tinnitus, don’t expect everyone to hear the same thing...
  2. Cayin N5 DSD Lossless Music Player

    4.00 star(s)
    Disclaimer: The N5 I reviewed was a free loaner unit from Cayin, which will be returned to Cayin at the end of the review tour. I have not benefitted financially or materially from writing this review, with the tour unit provided in exchange for my true feeling and opinions towards the product. Cayin did not check review content prior to publication.   My first journey into portable hifi world started with a modest iphone 4. Then when i join this forum, i keep on reading how a good portable music player can improve or elevate the experience of...