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    I need 3 songs about black market business (drugs, prostitution, gun dealing, etc.)

    Mississippi Mud - Hank Williams lll, Who's gonna build the wall - Tom Russell, Ten Crack Commandments (edited) - Biggie
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    I need 3 songs about black market business (drugs, prostitution, gun dealing, etc.)

    Thanks for all the posts guys!  They were very useful for my project.
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    I need 3 songs about black market business (drugs, prostitution, gun dealing, etc.)

    I have an econ project that is all about black market business  The project requires that each member of our group speaks for 3 and 1/3 minutes.  I decided it would be helpful to play songs that last 3 and 1/3 minutes in the background so that each member knows when their time is up. ...
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    Worst "high-end" equipment you've heard

    Grado SR225, SR325i.  They are just so bright they made my ears bleed.  They are also uncomfortable.  I felt them to be a one trick pony, but there are other phones that can perform that trick and more.  They sounded good with electric guitar, but everything else that should have sounded smooth...
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    Attempting to remove Sony MDR-SA5000 driver

      With the help of a multimeter, I determined that I have a faulty Sony MDR-SA5000 left side driver.  Has anyone successfully removed one before?  I downloaded this service manual: , but I am unable to remove part number 208...
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    I think I got scammed.. any advice?

    Dear Vadim and the Head-Fi community, The last six months have been hell for me. I won't go into detail, but my goals became unimportant, and my will to live left me. This, however, has nothing to do with either Vadim or Head-Fi's members. Even though this problem should've been mine to deal...
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    Check out this man's huge record collection.

    I was browsing vimeo and found a beautiful mini documentary about a man that's trying to sell his giant record collection. I thought alot of people on here would enjoy this. It's saddening, but what this man says, as many of you know, is quite true. Here it is: The Archive on Vimeo
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    Made my first two interconnects - one has a hum

    Thanks, my shielding was connected on both sides.
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    Looking for the best $75 gaming headset around

    My friend wants a $75 gaming/listening headset and he's thinking about buying the Plantronics Audio 750 DSP. His priority is gaming, but he also wants it to sound nice with music. Does anyone know if they're any good or if there's a better option? I know plenty about headphones, but nothing...
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    Equipment Rack Suggestion

    What did you use for the legs/posts on your rack?
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    What difference does having a good rack make?

    I was wondering what difference using a good rack would make over just putting your stuff on a 30 dollar night stand. How noticeable is this difference if at all? Is it mainly done to organize things or is the improvement is sound that great? Also, if anyone has a good article on this subject...
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    The Magical List of $0.01 Amazon CDs

    Yes, I know. They are third parties and the shipping is a flat rate of $2.59. Still, excellent deals.
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    The Magical List of $0.01 Amazon CDs