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    FitEar TO GO! & Universal Series --- Suyama's custom IEM, made universal!

    Tg334/mh334 with mojo are not good pairing,too warm and too smooth. Try ak240,they are good matching.
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    Astell&Kern Announces the AK300 and AK Recorder (5.6MHz DSD Recorder) at Tokyo Headphone Festival

    Kindly share your thought with plus5 if possible. Thanks!
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    NEW: Tralucent Audio Plus5 BA IEM

    Musicday, Plus5 surprise me every day, with the correct eartips it totally bring me to heaven!   Kudos to Gavin and Tralucent Audio team!   P/s: Highly recommend Uber cable.
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    NEW: Tralucent Audio Plus5 BA IEM

    If you really do interested in Tralucent products you may consider take a flight to Singapore or Hong Kong, right?
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    NEW: Tralucent Audio Plus5 BA IEM

    Thanks @warrior1975    I am sure you will enjoy your incoming Plus5.             Sorry @musicday , i have never heard tera player but @Kiats do have post before about synergy between tera player and plus5.
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    NEW: Tralucent Audio Plus5 BA IEM

    @Sabre2, i am sorry to hear that. I cannot imagine how your painful and unable to listening music.   Wish you a speedy recovery.
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    NEW: Tralucent Audio Plus5 BA IEM

    Without selling Plus5, my decoration fee finally settle! I closed my listing now, sorry for trouble you guys.   Again Plus5 is my favorite iem, surprise me every time especially playing dsd tracks. Gotta get back to my listening.
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    [DISCOUNT EXPIRED] Amber Rubarth's Scribbled Folk Symphonies

    Honestly this album is incredible, just a pity of couple breathing on cello player too loud. :)
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    Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

    I have not heard 1plus2 but for me ref too better than ref 1 especially vocal part.
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    NEW: Tralucent Audio Plus5 BA IEM

    Look at these beautiful "drugs", wish i could grab one of them on my hands now.
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    $999 Calyx M with DXD + DSD, 64GB + SD + µSD storage

    Thanks WindowsX for trying your best modding my calyx. Improvement of ui and fixing battery issue are absolutely good news for us. About sq, I guess I will post my review after received mine. :)
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    Final Audio Design Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Sorry a bit off topic. I sold my lab 1 recently and I put my Aclear Porta NXT-2AK on sale thread. Kindly pm me if you interested. Thank you.